YouTube rival? Patreon works on the new video platform

The Patreon crowdfunding service is working on an alternative that will ensure more independence for content creators. The company is working on its own video platform and integrated it into its support solutions.

According to The Verge website, the company is developing its own way of hosting audiovisual files and also a native player to host the clips. The project was revealed by the CEO of Patreon, Jack Conte, who intends to make users spend more time on the site itself instead of migrating to other social networks when consuming the products and services purchased.

The platform already publishes podcasts and intends to create a "horizontal architecture" for content creators to host their work and build the entire structure around the Patreon itself. Previously, a partnership with video site Vimeo was maintained, but now it can be weakened or even dropped to make way for the native player. Additionally, attachments uploaded on the platform are restricted to 200MB — a small size for high-resolution videos and longer durations.


New details about the operation or launch window of this new feature were not detailed. However, the move could secure yet another alternative to the giant YouTube, which often creates headaches for content creators.

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