Windows 11 blocks app that prevents mandatory use of Edge

A recent Windows 11 update for Windows Insider members blocked the actions of the EdgeDeflector app, which redirects links that would open in the Microsoft browser to the user's preferred browser. Regardless of the default browser.

The update added the “edge: //” protocol to addresses within widgets, such as News and Interests. With that, the tool that redirects the links to the default browser chosen by the user stopped working in more recent builds, thanks to the adoption of Microsoft Edge.

“You can't change the default protocol by changing the registry, customizing partner manufacturers, modifying Microsoft Edge, interfering with OpenWith.exe or any other alternative,” explains the creators of EdgeDeflector.


According to the developers, the change occurred between the release of builds 22483 and 22494 of the Windows 11 Insider version. The creators claim that the occurrence is not a bug, but the result of a deliberate action by Microsoft.


“This is not a Windows Insider Preview error. Microsoft has made specific changes to the way Windows 11 works with the ‘edge://’ protocol,” the developers say.


Microsoft did not comment on the case

As Windows Central highlights, Microsoft has not commented on the protocol changes. Therefore, it is not possible to say that the company has plans to “force” the use of its own browser, making the recent changes.


On the other hand, EdgeDeflector remains available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users. However, developers will not update the app until Microsoft changes the way it manages the links with the “edge: //” protocol.


Finally, the creators say that there are ways to make the tool continue to work on Windows 11. However, this "requires destructive changes to the operating system".

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