Tesla Model S is seen on autopilot on the São Paulo highway in Brazil, see the video

A driver was caught sleeping while his vehicle, a Tesla Model S, was on autopilot Immigrants Highway, in São Paulo. Another person, who was in the passenger seat of a truck, filmed the moment and the video has already gone viral on WhatsApp.

In the footage, you can see the Tesla driver with the driver's seat reclined and clearly asleep. Meanwhile, the car is tracing in a straight line and not at all wandering. Therefore, it is likely that the Full Self Driving (FSD) system was being used to control the car.

In a very humorous tone, the driver who captured the moment said that this was the future arriving in Brazil. “Look at our friend as he is driving the car, sleeping”, said the boy in the truck. “And look at the car, driving alone. What is he worried about?”, he added.

The Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) does not specifically address sleepy driving or falling asleep at the wheel. However, article 166 of the CTB provides for driving without being in a physical or mental state to drive a vehicle, which is a very serious infraction.

The fine for cases of this nature is R$293.47, in addition to the accumulation of seven points in the National Driver's License (CNH).

It's not an isolated case

Despite being an unprecedented event in São Paulo or Brazil, due to the low popularity of vehicles from the Assembler of Elon Musk here, it is not uncommon to see irresponsible drivers paying little or no attention to the traffic while letting the autopilot guide the cars around. they.

In May of this year, a rather clueless driver from the city of Oakland, USA, was spotted in the back seat of his car while Tesla was driving alone on autopilot. The California Highway Patrol investigated the case and managed to arrest the “funny guy”.

However, the driver was released after posting bail and defied the law by doing the same thing again. As the first car was apprehended, the boy, who was identified as Param Sharma, bought another branded vehicle just to sit in the backseat while the autopilot drove.

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