Spain rejects proposal to ban labels of plant-based products

The Spanish government has rejected proposals by the far-right party Vox to ban labels on vegetarian and vegan products. The ban sought to establish censorship on alternatives to meat and plant-based dairy. In addition, the extensive legislation of the European Union (EU) seeks to place labels only on animal products.

But as of yesterday, the Spanish Commission for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food of the Chamber of Deputies took a position.

Herbal Product Labels

Vokes planned Amendments 165 and 171, known as the "veggie burger ban" and the "milk ban," to override the EU's rejections. Party deputy Magdalena Nevado argued that plant-based products could not offer an equivalent alternative. These names provoke the meat and confuse consumers. We will call each product by its name, ”she said.


ProVeg Spain, a ProVeg branch The International Food Awareness Organization has welcomed the decision. Once again, it is clear that a growing sector cannot be constrained by apparent consumer demand.

Head of Hura Foods against COP26

'Empowering' consumers

Similarly, Hura Foods, co-founder of the Spanish vegetarian brand, says that we should not underestimate consumers. Said Bernard Annanos Martinez PPN: “I totally agree that we should inform consumers, but they are not stupid. They know very well how to distinguish plant-based meatballs from animals.

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