SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 Rocket with 53 Starlink Satellites

Image Credit: Space X

SpaceX launched this Saturday morning (13) a Falcon 9 rocket with 53 more satellites for its satellite broadband constellation, Starlink. Take-off took place from US Space Force Base 40 launch complex at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Nine minutes after launch, the first stage Falcon 9 rocket landed aboard a SpaceX autonomous raft in the Atlantic Ocean. This was Starlink's 31st satellite launch and the 87th successful first stage recovery of a Falcon 9.

Starlink currently has more than 1,700 operational satellites in orbit and offers service in 19 countries. SpaceX announced this week a new model of a satellite dish, rectangular and more compact, which also has a lower production cost. It will be used to service “new subscribers”.


A recent update on the Starlink website, which no longer mentions the service as a "beta", caused a headache for some subscribers, who when updating their addresses, sometimes in a matter of a few meters, had their service installation forecast changed from “end of 2021” to “until 2023” in some cases.


SpaceX had a “full” week: in addition to this Saturday's launch, last Monday (8) it brought back the crew of the Crew-2 mission, which spent six months aboard the International Space Station (ISS). And this Wednesday (10) she launched Crew-3, which took four astronauts (three Americans and one German) to the ISS, where they will also participate in a six-month journey.

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