Red Notice Review: Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds storm Netflix and theaters with a funny movie

The film hits theaters today and will premiere on Netflix on November 12. 

Red Notice Review
Image Credit: Netflix

Red Notice Review: When they started talking about "Red Notice", previously known as "Red Notice", it was talked about as the most expensive movie produced by the streaming giant, something that is easy to guess if we take a look at the main trio, nothing more and nothing less than Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson, three of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, who come together to star in a heist movie that was anticipated very funny in its advances.

Yesterday I could see "Red Notice" and the truth is that that is the most remarkable thing, that I laughed a lot with the three protagonists, especially with Ryan Reynolds, who is in the sauce of him. For the rest, "Red Notice" is a parody in itself, of many adventure films such as "Indiana Jones" (something he does consciously) and I would even almost say to the whodunit genre because of the constant script twists that we see in the film. the film, yes, all with a funny tone and humor.

It is as if a kind of "A corpse with desserts" had been made, a movie that parodied Poirot and Agatha Christie, but of a son between Indiana Jones and Danny Ocean, and I buy that very hard. Because it is a good movie to see in theaters, which by the way is already in theaters, and also perfect for the Netflix catalog, where it will arrive on November 12, with jokes that work, very crazy action scenes, and with three protagonists who are in their sauce.

You will like Red Notice ...

  • To begin with, if you like its three protagonists, the film relies a lot on them and their personalities ✅
  • If you are looking for a parody movie and self-aware of what it does ✅
  • If you want a fun and entertaining movie ✅
  • If you like that a joke interrupts the plot every two by three (the truth is that most of them are quite funny) ✅

You won't like Red Notice ...

  • Obviously, if you don't like its three protagonists ❗
  • If you were looking for a film more focused on its action side ❗
  • If you want a solid script that doesn't indulge in comedy so much ❗

And did I like it?

To me, I liked it a lot. "Red Notice" is a funny film, with three actors in their sauce, with grace, that cannot be said of all this type of productions, and that it is also very easy to see. It also creates its own universe that can give a lot of play and is definitely a great option for all types of audiences, I buy.

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