'Red Notice' has become the most watched Netflix movie on the day of its premiere, according to Netflix

Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix made a big bet with 'Red Notice'. In addition to a cast full of stars such as Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot, there was talk that it would have had a budget of 200 million dollars, which already made it talk of it as the largest film that the giant had produced. of streaming. Well, like every effort, it has had its reward. After its premiere on November 12 on the platform, its protagonists have assured on social networks that it has become the most viewed movie on Netflix on the day of its premiere.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson spoke about his recent success in an Instagram video, accompanied by the text: "We already have the official numbers in 190 countries. 'Red Notice' has become the best premiere of a film in the history of Netflix. 92% audience. I love you guys, tonight I will toast with tequila for you and 'Red Notice'. There are things to come. "

For his part, Ryan Reynolds, said: "Wow. 'Red Notice' is the best premiere of a Netflix movie. Congratulations to all the team! I can't wait to see 'Red Notice' (Taylor's version)". The latter refers to singer Taylor Swift, who is re-recording her old songs. Also, he just shot a video clip with his wife, Blake Lively.

Finally, Gal Gadot has uploaded the poster for the movie, adding: "This is amazing! What can I say? Guys, you are amazing and the reason we make movies. I am so grateful and excited! Congratulations to Netflix and the 'Red Notice' team ".


It has been directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, who had previously worked with The Rock on 'The Skyscraper'. This time, the story will tell how the best FBI agent (Johnson) ends up teaming up with a criminal (Reynolds) to catch the most wanted art thief on the planet (Gadot).


Good chemistry

In a recent interview, Reynolds has talked about how well the three protagonists work on screen: "Dwayne, Gal, and I have known each other for years and we have very natural chemistry. Netflix wanted on screen what we had outside of it."


He also spoke about 'Free Guy', which premiered last August: "I am very proud of 'Free Guy' because in the United States it is the only film in the top 10 of the year that is not a pre-existing property or a sequel, it is an original idea and I love that. We have to make room for more films based on original ideas. "

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