Michael Keaton Films New Scenes Of His Character In Spider-Man

michael keaton vulture in spider man no way home
Vulture, Spider-Man No Way Home: (image credit: Marvel)

He did not reveal details of the enigmatic project but apparently, there will be more of the antagonistic Adrian Toomes in the audiovisual field.

While Tom Holland hints at saying goodbye to Spider-Man (via), Michael Keaton may still have a future in Marvel movies.

Four years ago, the veteran actor joined the MCU in the role of Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture: Spider-Man's flying enemy. However, after his debut in Spider-Man: Homecoming, that antagonist has not reappeared in any title in the franchise, despite a post-credit scene with which Vulture anticipated his return. But now, Keaton himself revealed information that suggests his involvement in an upcoming Marvel Studios project. Or perhaps properly from Sony Pictures?

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Recently, Michael Keaton was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, on the occasion of the drama series Dopesick in which he stars. On the other hand, it became inevitable that part of the conversation will revolve around his projects within the superhero genre. After all, Keaton is a very current surname in three multi-million dollar franchises that are based on comics.


The septuagenarian histrion is not only Vulture in the MCU, but he also embodies that same character in Morbius, the vampiric film from Sony's Spider-Man Universe, soon to be released in theaters. Keaton will also return as Batman - his version of him for Tim Burton's eighties film of the same name - in The Flash, one of the upcoming DC Extended Universe titles. Therefore, being involved in complex narratives of superheroes of different natures, it is not surprising that the star often confuses one universe with another.


In the chat with Jimmy Kimmel, the star confessed - with a certain mocking tone - that he regularly has no idea what happens in the world of those masked vigilante tapes where he acts. He even assured that during the production of The Flash, it occurred to him to raise the question of when would Spider-Man or Hulk appear. And not satisfied with that, he assured that he does not understand when the team of the other franchises try to explain the situation of his character Vulture concerning the previous films.


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"I have no idea who is who or why or where I am," Keaton said. “And I see it in their eyes [that they know I don't understand them] and then they're really cool about it. They say, 'You don't know what we're talking about, do you?' And I say, 'Well, in a way, yes'. But I'm a fast learner, so I'll catch up.


Before concluding with his intervention, the interpreter revealed to Kimmel that the day after that talk, he should attend the filming. "What are you going to film tomorrow?" Asked the driver, to which Keaton replied, "Some Vulture stuff." Of course, he did not reveal details of that enigmatic project but clearly, there will be more of the antagonistic Adrian Toomes in the audiovisual field.


Morbius, starring Jared Leto, will hit theaters on January 28, 2022. For its part, The Flash, directed by Andy Muschietti, will premiere on November 4 of the same year. Which of these productions with Michael Keaton excites you the most?

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