Kevin Feige explains why MCU heroes don't appear in Marvel solo movies

image credit: Marvel

Following the premiere of Shang-Chi, Kevin Feige is gearing up for the next Marvel production starring a single hero: the Hawkeye series. Although it has already been confirmed that this program will have the occasional MCU cameo, Feige explained that not all Marvel solo films will feature guest heroes.

Kevin Feige talks about the Marvel Universe cameos

During a press conference on Hawkeye, Feige explained that movies and series should primarily focus on the story they want to tell, and while there may be cameos in them, they should never be a priority. These have been the statements of the CEO of Marvel Studios.

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“In the Marvel comics, yeah, Spidey could happen at any moment, the Fantastic Four could fly down. But even in the comics, the key is: 'What is the story you are telling?' That should always be the main focus. Which, in this case, are Clint and Kate; knowing more about Clint and meeting Kate, everything in this series focuses on that. "


One of the most interesting possibilities of the MCU is to combine its heroes and plots. Although productions like Loki and Shang-Chi seem more separate from the rest because they take place in other dimensions or in remote places, in series like Hawkeye, which takes place in New York, it is more strange that no other superhero intervenes. For example, in Spider-Man: No Way Home, it is known that Peter Parker will receive the help of Doctor Strange.

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