Is Tesla Your First Smartphone? It looks like this and there are even photos

Tesla First Smartphone

Most of the major brands that we have in the smartphone market today have not started operations there at that time. Little by little they occupied their space until they became what they are today.

It seems that Tesla is starting to want to develop in the same way and may soon get something new. Everything indicates that the brand is about to enter the smartphone market and now the first images have appeared.

Anyone who follows the smartphone market knows that brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, and many others have not entered this field. Some started out as a manufacturer of televisions or Internet products.

In this scenario of growth for brands, there is room for novelties and for some giants to conquer new spaces and new territories. This is where Tesla seems to be looking to conquer new spaces and new customers.


What has just been revealed takes Tesla into a new world. The brand will prepare its first smartphone, with a completely different design than usual and with many new features. Starting with the construction materials, these will be noble and far from what is considered normal.


In the field of specifications, this proposal from Tesla is expected to bring unique specifications. So we will likely have the new Snapdragon 895 SoC and 2TB of storage, complemented by a 4K display. The main room is expected to follow certain trends in the market and will be 108MP.


Tesla Smatphone

Of course, the entire image of Tesla will be present on this new smartphone and will attract potential customers. The brand has offered a few alternative products in the past, which quickly disappeared due to fast stickiness and potentially low inventory.

The price of the new Tesla smartphone is still unknown. Given the specifications provided, this would not be a cheap product, which could significantly limit the acceptance of this proposal. However, since this is a Tesla product, this idea could easily fall apart.

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