Eternals: Marvel's curious message to Rotten Tomatoes and all the critics

The weekend has arrived when "Eternals" hits theaters, a date that has acquired a new dimension considering how critics have become with the film. And the thing is, the film directed by ChloƩ Zhao is the one that has taken the most hits, and on Rotten Tomatoes it appears suspended with only the approval of 53% of the critics who have seen it, which places it as the worst film in the world. UCM for the portal (we remember that for this portal films are approved by over 60%).

And said portal qualifies the suspended films as Rotten (something like rotten translated into Spanish) and the films that pass the cut as Fresh (which are fresh, as if the films were tomatoes). After "Eternals" is a rotten tomato for the said portal, Marvel Studios has taken its own revenge through an advertisement for the film.

And what is that message? Well, basically, the ad, in particular, is titled Fresh, as if wanting to show that the film is not a rotten tomato as the specialized portal lavishes. I did not like "Eternals", I already said it in my review, but it was a long time since I had wanted the audience to see a movie in question, more than anything because I wanted to see what they said.

However, what I did not like about "Eternals" is that it has brought out the worst of the fandoms again, because if you did not like the Marvel movie you are a hater or a homophobe, and if you liked it then you are bought. The usual but in this case has been accentuated by the bad reviews of the film. See it and judge for yourselves, firewood.

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