Benedict Cumberbatch talks about being Spider-Man's new mentor

 Doctor Strange is ready to fill Tony Stark's shoes, will he do it?

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The MCU just gave us an intro to the mentor-trainee relationship between Tony Stark & ​​Peter Parker. However, now that just as he gave it to us, he took it away from us, leaving Dr. Strange as Spider-Man's new tutor, actor Benedict Cumberbatch has decided to speak about it.

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Although the dynamics are not simple, Benedict confesses that it is very interesting. The reason? Peter Parker is already a more experienced hero who does not need a tutelage per se, but a guide to show him a new path in the post-blip world:

“If he feels a shadow of what Tony Stark was, but this is not so paternal; rather, they both have mutual respect for saving the universe, do you understand me? So Strange does not scold, advise, accompany, he is an equal… Well almost, I don't know if he will understand me ”.

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However, this is not the most anticipated of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home. While many long for a relationship between him and Strange, some theories indicate that this is not the true Supreme Magician, but an impostor helping Kang to absolutely break every defense of the Multiverse to unleash it and create chaos.


Will be? ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ opens on December 17th.

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