Venom: Let There Be Carnage post-credits scene changes the Marvel Universe forever

Venom: Let There Be Carnage post-credits scene
Venom: Let There Be Carnage post-credits scene changes the Marvel Universe forever
Although in many countries there are still several more days for the premiere of 'Venom: Let There be Carnage', in the United States the symbiote is already conquering the public. Of course, this has also meant that the post-credits scene of the film starring Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson has come to light, confirming the leaks that had been advancing it's content months ago.


Finally, the public has been able to verify that the supposed leak of the scene during the previews for fans was true. There was very little doubt about its veracity. It is, therefore, official: Venom has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although the consequences of the arrival of the symbiote to the UCM remain to be seen, as the sequence has left more unknowns than certainties.

To begin with, in that extra sequence, how Eddie Brock is transported to the MCU has attracted attention, in a style that has been reminiscent of how the characters jumped from one reality to another in 'Spider-Man: A new universe'. The hotel room the journalist is in changes radically and it is at that moment that the television programming also changes, going from a series to a newsletter on the revelation of Peter Parker's identity.

Venom's reaction, which licks the screen with the image of the Tom Holland character and the Daily Bugle logo as he utters "That guy ...!" in an ambiguous way, it leaves the unknown whether the symbiote will appear in 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' or if there will be a face to face between the wall-crawler and the alien parasite. On the other hand, he raises several questions about the multiverse.

The first is the way Brock ended up in the MCU. Being transported that way would confirm that Venom's two solo tapes were in a reality parallel to Holland's Peter Parker. Second, how did Brock and the symbiote end up being transported and who did it?

Although Venom was commenting to Brock that he did not yet know the potential of the symbiote, whose mission was to invade Earth, this has not been the cause of the change of the universe, because he seems as surprised as Eddie himself.


Was it the work of Doctor Strange's spell that appeared in the trailer for 'No Way Home? Or was it the breakdown of the separation of the multiverses that took place in 'Loki'? What if it was the work of the Ultron who travels through the different realities in 'What If'?


In addition, the news that informs the identity of Spider-Man has an unpublished sequence of Peter Parker, who appears unmasked but dressed in his superhero suit, which makes the news report different from the one seen in the post-scene. credits of 'Far From Home. Does this mean that Venom will join the return of characters like Doctor Octopus, Electro, or the Green Goblin?


The fact that Venom has jumped from universe to universe not only makes him the first character to enter the MCU in this way - waiting to return to Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool - but it also opens the range to multiple possibilities related to the characters of Marvel that Sony has ... and even with the old X-Men of the already absorbed Fox.


On the one hand, it raises the question of the possibility that 'Morbius' is also part of the UCM -the appearance of Michael Keaton in the film starring Jared Leto only increases the possibilities-, as well as Kraven, who will be played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, once the Quicksilver of the Avengers and brother of Wanda Maximoff.


On the other hand, it also leaves the door open for Tom Holland's Spider-Man to end up in a universe other than Marvel's, which would make Sony create a universe related to the Spider-Man characters apart from the UCM, something that has already been raised before the resounding disagreement of 2019 that caused the temporary departure of the arachnid hero from the franchise.


In addition, it also leaves the door open for other Marvel characters, such as the New Mutants or the X-Men, to live a similar experience and jump to the MCU. By opening the doors of the Multiverse, anything is possible ... much to the joy (or confusion) of the fandom.

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