'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' lost several scenes for the filming of 'Matrix 4' and won an impromptu crossover

Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Sony Pictures

'Venom: Let There Be Carnage had to get out of the way several times, what less than to take a little atmosphere for the face. Let's rewind. Christopher Kusiak, responsible for the locations of the aforementioned sequel starring Tom Hardy, says that the filming of this film did not stop running into that of 'Matrix Resurrections' in numerous locations, with the consequent problem when deciding who would stay recording and who had to give up their plans.

Both 'Venom 2' and the next installment of the saga launched by the Wachowski sisters have been shot in the city of San Francisco (United States) at the same time, an event that caused clashes to the point that one of them has ended up immortalized in the marvel film that premieres in Spain this October 15.

The crossover in question takes place in a scene headed by Hardy himself as Eddie, a character who, in conversation with his symbiote, Venom, comments that they are being pursued by the police. And what appears in the background to emphasize this hunt and capture? The 'Matrix' helicopters. "The helicopters were actually in the next 'Matrix' movie," Kusiak told ScreenRant. "It was shooting at the same time, so we ended up capturing some of its activity on camera." A small gift that did not come so bad after so much adjustment.

Stepping out

Shooting with helicopters should not be cheap, hence 'Venom 2' took advantage of the circumstance that had been so uncomfortable at other times, to take advantage of and give more packaging to one of its scenes. And it is that Kusiak has also commented that they had several sequences in mind that were discarded because the areas where they wanted to shoot were not available.


"A lot of our chase scenes on the streets disappeared because 'The Matrix' controlled the entire city center. We ended up moving an action scene to the roof of a parking lot because we didn't have access to the areas we wanted because of 'The Matrix'. But if we had been there first, it probably would have happened the opposite, "says Kusiak, implying that they are hazards of the trade.

As of October 15, he has to look for the helicopters from 'Matrix 4' between the scenes of 'Venom: There will be slaughter', which finally opens in theaters.

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