'Stranger Things' is trying not to end up as 'Lost', according to David Harbour


David Harbour, Winona Ryder, Stranger Things, Netflix

At the Netflix global event, we were able to enjoy a new preview of the fourth season of 'Stranger Things, a teaser that presents the Creel mansion, a house that could well be haunted and hide evil forces, an unknown that would join the many that usually surround this series.

Thus the advances that the aforementioned streaming platform has been launching suggest that the questions will continue to multiply, something that has caused David Harbour to remember another successful series that also played a lot of mystery.

The actor, who did not want to miss the panel held at New York Comic-Con, reflected on one of the objectives of the fourth season of this fiction. In fact, in statements collected by EW, Harbour makes it clear that they do not want to look like 'Lost', an acclaimed proposal by J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber, and Damon Lindelof who for said interpreter ended up leaving too many loose ends.

All well tied

Harbour, who has also dropped that this next season, which opens in 2022, will be the one in which they "deepen" the most, assures that the intention is to reach the end of the trip by giving answers.


"What we are trying to do, as we develop the series, is to look back to make sure that we are not going to reach an ending like, the one that seemed to many of us, was 'Lost'. What happened to him? polar bear ?! We try to take into account all the elements so that it becomes a complete piece, and the fourth season works a lot in that direction ", all this while the action" reaches a level that we have never reached before. I'm looking forward to a new year!

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