Squid Game TV Series anticipated what the deaths of its participants would be like without us noticing


Squid Game TV Series anticipated what the deaths of its participants would be like without us noticing
Image Credit: Squid Game, Netflix

Squid Game became the series of 2021. Since it landed in the Netflix catalog, this fiction managed to completely surprise audiences around the world. To such an extent, that it was crowned as the most  watched series in the history of the streaming platform.

A few days ago, Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of the streaming service, revealed that South Korean fiction exceeded 111 million views in its first 25 days after being released. In this way, he managed to dethrone another great success of the platform: Bridgerton.

Although it did not receive much promotion from Netflix, Hwang Dong-hyuk's series reached the small screens of different homes and was placed among the trends of the platform. As expected, users began to talk about Squid Game on different social networks. In this way, different theories about the characters and the story emerged.

Did the squid game advance us the ending from the first episode?

Watch out, there are spoilers! If you have already seen Squid Game, you should know that the mystery game was quite macabre and that many participants have lost their lives while trying to win the jackpot.


According to a TikTok user, the series anticipated us from the beginning how the deaths of the main participants in the story were going to be. According to her theory, each participant experienced a similar situation before entering the game of their own free will.


For example, in the South Korean series, we see that Jang Deok-Su is betrayed by his partner by being handed over to a gang to which he owes money. So, to escape, he decides to jump off a bridge into the water. Then, we see that in the game he dies hugging 212 and they fall from a glass bridge.


Regarding Ali, The Squid Game shows us that the character works in a factory. After an argument with his boss that ends in a serious accident, the character escapes with an envelope of money in his hands. When they are already in the game, this character ends up being betrayed by Cho Sang-woo. In the marble test, he snatches her bag and ends up abandoning it.


For his part, Kang Sae-Byeok also passed away on the Netflix series. There we see that she dies at the hands of Sang-woo, who kills her by cutting her neck with a razor. Before she starts the game, we see that she threatens a man in the same way. Finally, we have Cho Sang-woo, who at the end of the series decides to commit suicide under the rain. Before returning to the game, we can see that the character is about to do the same, but in his bathtub.


Did you notice these details in Squid Game? What surprised you the most about the Netflix series?

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