'Squid Game': the trick of the game of marbles that could save everyone

'Squid Game': the trick of the game of marbles that could save everyone
Squid Game, Netflix

"Squid Game" is one of the series of the moment, which has displaced classics such as "I am, Betty the ugly" in the Netflix top 10 from a bloody proposal: over nine episodes of almost one Now, the drama features a group of people struggling to survive in a circuit that may seem childish but is actually sadistic. In this game, defeat equals death.

The fever for the program is so great that viewers have tried to recreate the children's games shown in the film, one of the most viral on social networks being the sugar cookie, which consists of removing the edges of it, without damaging the center.

The Netflix production shows a contest where 456 people compete to the death, having to overcome six horror games. Precisely, in episode six there is a competition that involves marbles, in which the winner must obtain the 10 spheres of his opponent, which the majority chose by affinity. This is probably one of the toughest episodes of the season, as the participants must face the harsh reality of indirectly killing their partner.


Various viewers have analyzed the series and discovered the riddle of the games, this is how they realized a detail in the episode "Gganbu" that could have saved everyone's life. The answer is in the rules of the juice, which at no time indicate that the winner must have 20 marbles, but ten of his pair.


As simple as the rules indicate, the participants had to obtain the ten marbles of their rival regardless of the game they decide to play. To survive, the players had to face each other in a contest that allowed them to exchange a marble each game so that at a certain moment both parties would have the ten spheres of their partner and thus would have prevented half from being executed.


When considering this solution, several people pointed out that it is all a bad translation. In Korea, the rules of the game state that each participant must collect a total of 20 marbles, because otherwise, the characters dressed in red would not know how to differentiate the origin of the spheres.

Squid Game, Netflix
Squid Game, Netflix


A Tik Tok user identified as “liryonni” used her account to answer a fan's question about the real meaning of the famous song. To the question: “How is the song that the girl's robot sings in Korean in the first game in the series 'Squid Game'?”, The young woman pointed out that the translation into Spanish has nothing to do with the language original, as it actually refers to a flower that is part of South Korean nationalism.

To do this, she first interpreted the original fragment that sings the giant doll and then released the truth. “It means the mugung-a flowers bloomed. Mugung-a is the Korean national flower, it is not official, but it is considered that way and in Spanish, they say the flowers of Syria bloomed ”.


Despite having everything against it, Gi-hun survives the first tests, both physical and mental, with the help of a few other contestants, as she faces increasingly difficult moral dilemmas.

While several individuals do not hesitate to sacrifice others to save themselves, the protagonist of "Squid Game" refuses to betray himself ... until after five games and the arrival of the VIP guests, Gi-hun, Sang-Woo, and Sae-byeok become the finalists and the only ones who have a chance to keep the prize and return home.

Jun-Ho, meanwhile, manages to escape to reveal the fraudulent secrets behind the game, but before he can speak, he is hit by the men dressed in red and killed by their masked leader, who apparently was his brother.

Back in the game, Gi-hun finds Sae-byeok seriously injured and tries to help her, but Sang-Woo does the opposite and eliminates the competition, until for the last round to the death, called 'Round Six' or 'Squid Game ', only the two childhood friends classify.

Although Sang-Woo chooses his own survival, Gi-hun takes pity on him and decides to end the game and walk away without the prize. However, the other competitor, injured and defeated, prefers to do something for someone else for the first time: so that his neighbor can take the money and help his mother, he commits suicide to close the competition.

Gi-hun becomes the great victor, but when he returns home he finds his mother dead. Guilt, of course, hits him and prevents him from enjoying the prize, although at least a year later he gives himself the pleasure of meeting and seeing the person responsible for the game die. The great survivor then searches for Sae-byeok's brother, takes him to Sang-Woo's mother, and leaves them a large amount of cash.

In the end, when he goes to the airport to meet with his daughter, Gi-hun bumps into the man who had recruited him, although he only gets a card with a number from him, which he calls to obtain information. What do they tell you on the other side? They warn him that he must get on the plane if he wants to live, but Gi-hun hangs up and turns around.


  • Lee Jung Jae as Seong Gi-hun (No. 456)
  • Park Hae Soo as Cho Sang-woo (No. 218)
  • Heo Sung Tae Tae as Jang Deok-su (No. 101)
  • Wi Ha Joon as Detective Hwang Jun-Ho
  • Oh Young Soo as Oh Il-Nam (No. 001)
  • HoYeon Jung as Kang Sae-byeok (No. 067)
  • Kim Joo Ryung as Han Mi-nyeo (No. 212)
  • Lee Yoo Mi as Ji-Yeong (No. 240)
  • Anupam Tripathi as Abdul Ali (No. 199)

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