'Squid Game': Netflix will edit the phone number to leave its owner alone

Squid Game Netflix
Image Credit: Squid Game, Netflix

'Squid Game' is a joy for Netflix, but every phenomenon of this size has its collateral damage. As we learned a few days ago, the phone that potential contestants have to call to confirm their participation really exists and its owner, a 40-year-old Korean man, is fed up with people calling his number to see what happens. . He receives thousands of calls every day and has declared to a local media: "It has reached the point where people call me day and night out of curiosity. It drains my battery and it turns off."

At Netflix, they have decided to take action on the matter and are working to solve this problem. The solution that they are going to take is to edit the scenes in which the telephone number is seen with dialing that does not have an owner. They will have to be careful because in addition to Korea the number would also work in countries like Australia, where they also have eight-digit telephones. According to ABC, there have been no complaints there.

The Hollywood film industry has long sought to avoid these kinds of inconveniences. Since the 1950s and 1960s, the prefix 555 has been used in telephone numbers in North American films and series because that prefix was practically not used and the numbering administration decided to reserve the numbers between 555-0100 and 555-0199 for works of fiction. . Sometimes companies also mount publicity stunts by hiring a real line and recording a message related to the film to surprise those who try to call.


Lawsuit for excessive use of the Internet

In addition to the phone number problem, Netflix is ​​also facing a lawsuit in Korea over 'Squid Game'. Internet provider SK Broadband wants to take the streaming platform to court for a massive increase in bandwidth usage due to the success of the series. Netflix has responded with a statement in which they affirm that they will study the situation but remember that the charges for Internet use violate the neutrality of the Internet. Not everything was going to be joy.

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