"Sex Education": Adam and Rahim, new couple for season 4?

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After the premiere of season three of "Sex Education" on September 17, many relationships were exposed, causing great surprise in the public. One of those that attracted attention was the one starring Adam and Rahim, who were previously arch enemies and now generate suspicions about a possible romance in the next installment.

While the characters' feelings are constantly in turmoil, over time they have managed to mature and establish new relationships. One of the friendships that emerged in season three was that of Adam and Rahim, something that in the past would sound unthinkable due to their constant fight for the love of Eric. As recalled, Eric ended his affair with Rahim to start a courtship with Adam, which caused friction between them.

Fortunately, the young people were able to leave the conflicts behind and in the last installment, they are not seen facing each other but creating a bond. Although much of it was due to the affection they both felt for Eric, the moment they both connected was when Adam suffered a fall due to Rahim's fecal incident, where instead of reacting violently, the young man moved closer and closer to his ex. enemy during the season.


Will they be the new couple of season 4?

Although at the beginning it seemed impossible, the good relationship between the students is real; And now that Adam and Eric are no longer together, many wonder if Adam and Rahim may decide to start something more than a friendship. Although no more details of the new installment are known, both are single and without obstacles that prevent them from exploring their bond.


Why is it believed that yes?

In the season three finale, text messages were seen to be sent to each other, causing Rahim to put a smile on his face; Likewise, many signs showed the affection that they begin to feel for each other. Rahim agrees to read Adam's poetry and gives him some advice, just as Groff feels confident to tell him aspects of himself that cause him insecurity with his partner.

These reasons could mean that in the future young people want to start something else, although this does not necessarily have to be the case. The truth is that in season three much was seen about both and the evolution of their relationship, in addition to the solid trust they have built in a short time. Undoubtedly, young people still have a lot to discover about each other and it will be interesting to see what they have in store for them.


When will "Sex Education" season 4 be released?

"Sex Education" was renewed for a fourth season, according to what Netflix itself announced with a video on its social networks, although at the moment, it has not given a date of its premiere. Of course, it is most likely that the new episodes will arrive in the second half of 2022. Although everything will depend on the start of filming.


A little over three months before the end of 2021, the production could begin recording in the first months of next year and continue with the post-production process until mid-2022, and finally, launch the new chapters at the end of the following year.


On the other hand, in the aforementioned interview, the protagonist of “Sex Education” also spoke about the possibility of doing a spin-off, “it would be good, but it has to be well thought out and really unique and not just because it is a spin-off".

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