'No Time To Die' is the second best premiere of the year at the Spanish box office

No Time To Die Boxoffice

No Time To Die Boxoffice:
Spanish cinemas are experiencing their best week since they reopened after confinement due to the coronavirus crisis. Although the initiative 'Yo Voy al Cine' has not been able to reach the figures of the last Film Festival, it has managed to be the warm-up for the arrival of James Bond. According to Comscore, the total number of viewers for the weekend has reached 715,000, the best figure since the reopening and a significant jump from 529,000 the previous week, affected by the following days with reduced prices. The total collection has been 4.86 million euros, being Saturday the best day since the return of the cinemas with 2 million euros at the box office.

The king of the weekend was, of course, the MI6 agent with a license to kill and to sweep the box office. 'No Time To Die' came with an important campaign behind it, very extended due to the multiple changes in the premiere date due to the pandemic. Being Daniel Craig's last film, it also had added value for fans of the saga, who have fully responded to the mission. Cary Joji Fukunaga's film grossed € 2.18 million and amassed an impressive € 5,717 theatrical average. The film has attracted 311,558 viewers in its first weekend, almost 44% of the weekend. 

It is the second-best premiere of the pandemic because it has failed to catch up with the unbeatable 'Fast & Furious 9', which made 2.8 million euros in its first weekend in May. Compared to the latest 007 films, it falls far short of € 3.1 million for 'Skyfall' and does not manage to reach € 2.8 million for 'Specter' either. Although a steep drop is expected in its next weekend as is often the case with this type of blockbuster, it has some margin since the next high-budget film that will hit theaters, 'Venom: There will be killing', will do so in two weeks and don't share exactly the same type of audience.

'Dune' loses the throne in its third week and falls 42% compared to the previous weekend. Likewise, it has added another 715,229 euros to a total that is already close to 6 million euros thanks to its first weekends and has been the favorite film during the days of 'Yo Voy Al Cine'. It has already exceeded the total of 'Black Widow' making it the fifth highest-grossing film of the year. Advance also to 'The Warren File: Forced by the demon' and 'Godzilla vs. Kong 'is a very feasible possibility. Warner's strategy of launching it a month earlier in Spain than in the United States - where it will also hit HBO Max - has turned out very well.


'Maixabel' benefits from the good word of mouth it is having and occupies the third position in the ranking, falling only 13% compared to its previous week. It accumulates 1.32 million euros in two weeks, one of the best figures in Spanish cinema this year. 'Do not breathe 2' falls to the fourth position and adds almost 300,000 euros to a total of 1.08 million euros after two weeks, still a long way from the 3.8 million that the first part made throughout its journey. 'Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings' closes the top 5 adding 218,658 euros in its fifth week. It has already been 5.32 million euros since its premiere and is dangerously close to the 5.91 million of 'Black Widow'.


Only 'No time to die' has achieved a striking premiere this week. 'Mediterráneo' is the next debut that we find in the top 20 and occupies the seventh position with 143,816 euros of collection. The presence of Dani Rovira, Eduard Fernández, or Anna Castillo or having been shortlisted as one of Spain's options for the Oscars (which in the end has not been) have not been enough to attract viewers. 'Benedetta' by Paul Verhoeven also does not get a very striking figure with a position 13 and only 64,414 euros and an average of 388 euros.


Pedro or Daniel?

Pedro Almodóvar is the strongest premiere this week. 'Parallel Mothers' with Penélope Cruz has gotten great reviews and after going through several festivals it is time to share it with the public. Also premiered are 'Titane', the latest winner of the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, 'The Laws of the Border' by Daniel Monzón, and 'The Addams Family 2: The Great Getaway'.

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