'No Time To Die' film is sweeping the UK box office like before the pandemic

James Bond is finally waiting for us in theaters with 'No time to die'. Daniel Craig's latest film as the MI6 agent has been waiting for more than a year to hit theaters because of the coronavirus pandemic, and even with the rooms reopened, the producers did not want to risk making a bad figure for the restrictions against the coronavirus and the little predisposition of the public. But it is here, and it comes with the desire to give exhibitors a breath of hope.


'No time to die'

In the UK it has become one of the biggest film events in recent years. Cary Fukunaga's film reached 772 theaters, which is the largest premiere in history in the country, surpassing 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' by 25 theaters. British cinemas were blindly trusting the Bond film and viewers have responded. According to estimates, on its first day, it has raised between 4.5 and 5 million pounds (between 5.2 and 5.8 million euros). It has come very close to becoming the best premiere of the year, with only one day! 'Black Widow' grossed 6.88 million pounds in its opening weekend.

Focusing on the 007 saga, the premiere of 'No time to die' has accounted for 13% more box office than the first day of 'Specter', which surprisingly premiered on a Monday, and is 26% behind the first day from 'Skyfall'. The presale has been very good with 1.6 million tickets sold for the first four days, surpassing the presale of 'Specter'. For some theater chains, it has been the best presale in their history. Theaters do not want to venture to make predictions but they hoped that throughout the weekend it would get something similar to the 56 million pounds that 'Casino Royale' achieved in its first weekend and that seems something practically certain.


Bond conquers the world

Not only in the United Kingdom he is being a hit. In South Korea it premiered last Wednesday and is number one at the box office, accounting for more than 60% of the tickets sold. The same happened in Mexico, where it premiered on Thursday. The film is expected to bring in around $ 90 million in its first weekend worldwide, which would put it very close to what 'Skyfall' did in 2012, a wonderful sign for the health of movie theaters. And all this without reaching North American cinemas (it will do so on October 8), Chinese (it opens on October 29), or Russian (on October 7).

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