Money Heist Part 5 Vol 2: Netflix launches an emotional preview of its fifth and final season

 * This article contains spoilers for the first episodes of the fifth season of 'Money Heist Part 5 Vol 2'.

Money Heist Part 5 Vol 2: Netflix launches an emotional preview of the next episodes of its fifth and final season

On December 3 we will finally discover how the story ends for the most famous robbers in Spain. Meanwhile, we settle for the new trailer for volume 2 of the last season of 'Money Heist', which has just been published by Netflix. In it, we can hear the Professor's voice-over stating: "In the last few hours, I have lost very important people and I am not going to let anyone else fall for this robbery." This, together with the previous clip uploaded by the platform in which Tokio declared: "together we went, we are and we will be the resistance", makes it clear that the band will not be intimidated and will fight until the end.

This last part will have, like the previous one, five episodes. It seems that in this farewell there will be more room for emotional sequences, although, yes, there will be no lack of action. And we cannot forget that the army is still in the Bank of Spain and that such important figures as the love of Rio have died.

The production created by Álex Pina was broadcast for the first time on Antena 3, starting with a success that ended up deflating. Everything changed when Netflix bought the rights and opened the field, putting the series within the reach of half the world, which ended up catapulting it to the podium of the most viewed globally. Actors such as Jaime Lorente, Úrsula Corberó, Miguel Herrán, Pedro Alonso, Álvaro Morte, Alba Flores ... have gone from being known (some more than others) in their country to becoming authentic referents of the union.

Where is Alicia Sierra?

After the release of the trailer, many Twitter users have wondered what happened to Alicia Sierra, who does not appear at any time during the playback. And it is that we remember that the inspector ended up with all the police against her and giving birth to her daughter in the Professor's lair, will she in the end ally herself with her enemy? On December 3 we will find out.

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