Marvel offered Robert Downey Jr. the role of Doctor Doom before Iron Man

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After a long delay, 'The History of Marvel Studios: How the Marvel Cinematic Universe was made' has finally gone on sale, an encyclopedia that covers the creation of the most successful film franchise since its inception. The two volumes into which it is divided are full of interviews with new anecdotes, such as one that would have completely transformed the future of these films.

Jon Favreau, director of 'Iron Man', explains in the book (via ComicBook) that Robert Downey Jr. had already received an offer from Marvel long before Kevin Feige called him to become Tony Stark. "Marvel had met him before, I think, to play Doctor Doom." So we are talking about 20th Century Fox and not Marvel Studios, and the movie in question was 'Fantastic Four', which hit theaters in 2005 with Julian McMahon and not Robert Downey Jr. playing Victor Von Doom. In addition to him, names such as Nicolas Cage, Mel Gibson, and Tim Robbins were also considered.

Who knows if playing Doctor Doom in the movie starring Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Ioan Gruffudd, and Michael Chiklis would have prevented Robert Downey Jr. from becoming Iron Man in 2008. Much has been made of his role in the first MCU movie was what made it possible for the entire franchise to thrive afterward. Kevin Feige said casting the actor was the first decision he made in front of the master plan. Luckily we live in this timeline and Robert Downey Jr. has been our Iron Man.

The MCU prepares its own version of 'The Fantastic Four', this time with Jon Watts in the direction. The cast has not been announced yet, and the film does not have a release date.


The scene from 'Avengers: Endgame' that almost refuses to shoot

In the book, they also collect how the actor did not want to re-record the scene from 'Avengers: Endgame' in which he sacrifices himself by making Thanos and his army disappear with a snap of his fingers. The scene was already recorded but it did not have the mythical "and I am Iron Man" as a reply to the titan's "I am inevitable", and it was necessary to convince him to re-record a new version: "It is not the typical thing that you get so easily It was challenging for Robert to do it again. It was difficult for him to understand specifically where in the narrative we were at. 


When you're in the editing room, working with the material every day, you have depth and an understanding of the material. You have. explored in every possible way. It doesn't mean you can't get a new idea. At that point, we were really sure what that scene needed "explains Anthony Russo, who says that Robert Downey Jr.'s reluctance was more to return to embody a character he had already said goodbye to and in an emotionally draining movie. Luckily, he ultimately participated in the reshoots and the scene is as iconic as its directors envisioned.

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