'Legends of Tomorrow' will feature Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold for its 100th episode

Captain Cold Legends of Tomorrow
Captain Cold Legends of Tomorrow, DC, Warner Bros.

'Legends of Tomorrow', the Arrowverse series that premieres its seventh season on October 13 in the United States, marks a more than worthy journey on the small screen, an achievement that could not go unnoticed. Thus, according to TVLine, this CW series is going to recover Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold for said chapter 100, an adventure that will be directed by Caity Lotz, an actress whose usual work in this fiction is to play Sara Lance / White Canary.

The aforementioned North American media adds some information about the plot of such a special delivery, which is launched on October 27 across the pond, an hour in which one looks back remembering past seasons through the eyes of Gideon, a character portrayed by Amy Louise Pemberton.

"The whole episode really is based on memory and specifically the memory of Gideon," states executive producer Phil Klemmer. "It occurred to us, as we were forced to do a 100-episode flashback, that Gideon is actually the only person who has seen it all. Obviously, Sara Lance has been there from the beginning, but she's just one person. Some things got lost. So we were really excited to go back over the seasons and trace the evolution of the series through Gideon's eyes. "


More guest stars

TVLine talks about Miller, but from Klemmer's statements it transpires that this actor is probably not the only one to make a momentary return to 'Legends of Tomorrow'. "We also wanted to give an opportunity for the new generation of Legends, the Astras, and Spooners of the team, to meet some of the original gang," adds Klemmer, emphasizing that fans can look forward to a few more cameos.

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