'Knock at the Cabin': M. Night Shyamalan already has a title

M. Night Shyamalan already has a title. The director's 15th film for 'The Sixth Sense' will be called 'Knock at the Cabin' as Deadline progresses and that's a bit of all we know about it.

'Knock at the Cabin': M. Night Shyamalan already has a title and advances its premiere two weeks
'Knock at the Cabin': M. Night Shyamalan already has a title. (Image Credit: Universal Pictures) 

In addition, Universal Pictures has advanced the premiere two weeks: 'Knock at the Cabin' will hit theaters on February 3, 2023. We still do not even know the genre of this feature film, although we can assume that it will move between thriller and horror. The filmmaker posted a photo of the script on Twitter, assuring that it only consisted of 100 pages (which would translate into an hour and 40 minutes in length).

The new Shyamalan

It will be Shyamalan's fifth film under the Universal Pictures umbrella after 'The Visit', 'Multiple', 'Glass' and 'Time'. This agreement, which began with the collaboration of Blumhouse, has resulted in a kind of resurgence of the director of 'Signs' after a handful of films very badly received by audiences and critics (' The Incident ',' Airbender, the last warrior 'and' After Earth 'sucks everything). The formula is now very clear: very cheap productions and greater creative freedom.


And the result is not going bad at all. 'The visit' raised 98.45 million dollars worldwide, from a budget of a paltry 5 million. 'Multiple' and 'Glass', unexpected continuations of 'The protégé', were bombshells at the world box office: the first cost 9 million and grossed 278, and the second cost 20 and grossed 247. In addition, as Shyamalan himself is the one who invests his money in production, he is the one who receives most of the profits together with the distributor.


'Time' has run into the pandemic, which is not being so profitable, but it is not a failure either. Despite being the film that has the most divided audiences of its new stage, it cost about 18 million dollars and has already grossed 90 worldwide.


In total, Shyamalan has raised about $ 3.3 billion over his career.

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