Facebook merges Messenger and Instagram DM, users will get a lot of benefits

Photo-sharing platform Instagram has recently started rolling out the option to link its Instagram Direct Message (DM) with Facebook Messenger. This means that now users can send messages to Messenger people from Instagram and in other ways.

Facebook announced this new update in a blog post. Some users will see this feature on opening the app. Users can still keep their Messenger and Instagram DMs separate if they wish to do so.

After updating the app, the user will see the message experience on Instagram similar to that of Facebook Messenger. This means that Instagram users will get features like forwarding messages and customizing chat threads with custom colors and nicknames.

All the new services will be added with selfie stickers, Watch Together (which lets you watch trending videos with friends), and Vanish Mode. According to Facebook, some of the features will hit Instagram first and will come to Messenger soon after.

This merge is helpful for those users who want to use only one platform. So that people can be contacted on other platforms and do not have to download a separate app. In addition, messages and calls from Instagram to Instagram will remain in the Instagram app.

In early 2019, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned some benefits of merging all Facebook messaging platforms together, one of which is end-to-end encryption. Although WhatsApp and Messenger already support end-to-end encryption, Instagram does not.

After this integration, these three apps will work separately like standalone apps. But, then you will be able to talk to your WhatsApp friends using Instagram. And if you are a Facebook user, then you will also be able to WhatsApp messages to those people whose number you do not have. Facebook will introduce this update for users in the next few months.

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