'Eternals' divides critics: From overloaded or disappointing to funny and ambitious

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There is no consensus. The specialized press finds good things in 'Eternals', but for some, all that positive makes up for the hodgepodge and for others ... not at all. Thus, the feeling that the new proposal of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is too loaded with elements seems to spread, especially among those who see said ambition as an impediment when it comes to delving into the plot.

Brian Truitt of USA Today, directly qualifies ChloƩ Zhao's film as "overloaded", assuring that "unfortunately the narrative struggles to juggle its many subplots and tries to do too much in its two hours and 37 minutes" something that, according to Steve Rose of The Guardian, ends up leading to a proposal "not exactly boring, because there is always something new to contemplate, but not particularly exciting either. It lacks the light-hearted wit of the best Marvel movies."

The funny thing about the matter is that despite a development whose exaggerated inclusion of issues generally displeases, critics value Zhao's effort, highlighting that underneath all that mixture there is a residue. Justin Chang of the Los Angeles Times tries to explain it by assuring that "you come out with the depressing feeling that you have just seen one of the most interesting movies Marvel will ever make". 

A contradiction in the line of what was stated by David Rooney for The Hollywood Reporter, medium in which he assures that "the depth of the feeling helps to counteract the clumsy narrative in this new tangent within the narrative of the UCM". For his part, Nicholas Barber of BBC.com is much more direct: "'Eternals' may not be the worst Marvel movie, but it is certainly the most disappointing."

The general feeling conveyed by the published reviews suggests that Zhao may have become a victim of her own ambition by trying to keep so many balls in the air, But this does not mean that some media applaud the work of the filmmaker.

"Not without disorder and with an excessive plot that bogs down and complicates the narrative too much, 'Eternals' succeeds in building a world with a moral dilemma at its center," says Thrillist's Esther Zuckerman; while Brian Lowry of CNN.com adds that "'Eternals' is not lacking in ambition, but for now, Marvel, emboldened by its success, has tried to reach for the stars without actually touching them," and Owen Gleiberman of Variety concludes that "[ Zhao is] a master craftswoman, and 'Eternals', while too long (157 minutes? Really?), Works like clockwork and is completely fun and rewarding. "

Next Friday, November 5, which opens in theaters, we will see if Zhao's show meets the expectations of demanding Marvel fans.

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