Does 'Dune' movie have post-credits scenes? We'll tell you then

Dune movie post credits scenes
Dune, Warner Bros, HBO Max

Dune, one of the most anticipated movies of the year, finally hit theaters. The film directed by Denis Villeneuve is an adaptation of the sci-fi novel of the same name written by Frank Herbert.

The film starring Timothée Chalamet follows the story of Paul Atreides, the young heir to House Atreides, who are sent to the desert planet Arrakis to protect the reserves of a scarce and highly coveted resource in the galaxy. However, the task will not be easy for the Atreides, as House Harkonnen seeks to take over the planet, also known as Dune.

Despite the massiveness of the newly released film, Villeneuve only adapted the first part of the epic tome written by Herbert. It must be remembered that the director's intention was to film two films simultaneously, but the Warner Bros. studio denied the request since they had to wait for the film to perform on HBO Max and at the box office.

Because of this, the ending of the film is widely open and leaves viewers wanting more and it leaves many wondering if Dune has a post-credits scene. The answer is simply no. The feature film concludes with the character of Zendaya telling Paul (Chalamet) that "this is just the beginning", so the ending leaves everything ready for the arrival of a sequel.


Even Villeneuve himself was honest about the lack of a post-credit scene in the film and assured that he did not want to ruin the ending with an extra sequence. "I don't like post-credits scenes. There is a very specific ending emotion that I was looking for with the final image and I didn't want to screw it up with that. So no, I don't use post-credits scenes. I never have and never will." he said in an interview.


Although there is no post-credits scene, there are plenty of details and sequences in the film that anticipates what is to come for Paul Atreides and the Dune Dwellers. As for the continuation, there is still no official confirmation from the study, but Villeneuve feels confident that he will soon have the definitive endorsement to move forward.


Post-credits scenes have become almost mandatory in the so-called "blockbusters" movies, something that came from the hand of the great superhero productions that have been installed in recent times. In Dune, throughout the entire film, the protagonist has dreams and visions, which give the viewer a small glimpse of everything that will come in the way of Paul and the rest of the characters.


Dune is now available in all theaters and on HBO Max for the US region. As for the launch on HBO Max for Latin America and Spain, we will have to wait an extra 35 days, which is the premiere period for the rest of the markets, so it could arrive at the end of November.

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