Daniel Craig's No Time to Die' "Having more complicated female characters makes the experience better"

Daniel Craig is clear that Cary Fukunaga is the first North American director to lead a film in the 'James Bond' saga, it is not the important thing, the vital thing is that this filmmaker "is a Bond fan, and having directing someone who loves movies as much as he does is what really matters. "

That passion, Craig explains, has ended up being reflected in 'No Time to Die', especially in the small details. "We have rescued some traditions from the Bond saga, such as the Aston Martin DB5 and many gadgets that Cary loves," says this interpreter who, looking back, considers himself very fortunate for the novel approach of his Bond, the first with a story arc of several films.

"I've been lucky enough to be able to tell a story through the four previous films, to have a narrative, for now in this one to tie up all the loose ends," he says. This is something truly remarkable because 'No Time to Die' closes the plot that began with Craig's debut in 'Casino Royale', 15 years ago. More than a decade with his hard moments, according to Craig himself, something that in the end falls into oblivion. "All jobs have ups and downs, mine too, but I don't remember the bad moments, only the good ones."

This despite the responsibility, is a very big one if we consider the changes that his version of Bond had to represent, one more of the 21st century that has been achieved not only by betting on an evolution of the protagonist but by taking care of the whole world of him. "The only thing I've always wanted is that the characters that were part of the films with me in front, were relevant, representative, the best we could get. And having more complicated and imperfect female characters makes the experience better and richer."


The Next James Bond

Craig has it clear, whoever is chosen to embody the character now that he has decided to retire "has to make it his." "That is what I have tried to do. I have tried to style the character and not replicate what has been seen before. All the Bonds are brilliant in their own right and I did not want to be like them, I wanted to do my own interpretation of the character. So I think the next person [to take on the role] should do that. "


It remains as much for that relief as controversy has arisen in this regard. The one that points to the possibility that a woman is the chosen one, or a black actor. Tom Hardy, Richard Madden, Tom Hiddleston, or Sam Heughan also sound, an unknown that, according to the producer of the saga, Barbara Broccoli, will not begin to be solved until next year.

* 'No time to die' opens in theaters October 1.

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