Alcoholic Ice Cream: Such ice cream that came in the market, which will start filtering as soon as you eat it!

Ice Cream maker Haagen Dazs is launching two new flavors. This new flavored ice cream is a bit different, as this ice cream has been made 'alcoholic'. This ice cream will be available only this month i.e. October. Let's know what is special about this ice cream...

According to the 'Daily Mail', American ice cream maker Hagen-Dazs is offering two adult-only flavors as part of its Cosy Cocktail Collection. These new flavors are launching for a limited time on the occasion of London Cocktail Week.

These flavors are Rum Salted Caramel & Biscuit Biscuit and Irish Whiskey & Chocolate Waffle, which will be available in supermarkets only till October.

Each box of rum and whiskey flavored ice cream has less than 0.5 percent alcohol, which ensures you won't get drunk from one box. The cost of a box of ice cream is around Rs 500. This ice cream is 'alcoholic', hence it is also being called 'adult ice cream'.

Let us tell you that Häagen-Dazs is an American ice cream brand, which was founded by Reuben and Rose Mattus in 1960 in New York. Initially starting out with vanilla, chocolate, and coffee flavors, the company opened its first store in Brooklyn. Seeing it, today it has become the world's top ice cream brand.

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