This feature of iOS 15 will make your copy-paste work very easy, here's how to use

Recently Apple has released the update of iOS 15. It can be installed on all eligible iPhones. Although you do not see much change in the new iOS, some features are quite special.

For example, the Live Text feature has been given in iOS 15. Through the Live Text feature, you can easily do many important things.

With this feature, you can copy the text written on any poster, image, or document. You do not need to do much to use it, because it is quite easy.

If you have used Google's feature Google Lens, then this feature of Apple is similar to it. But for this, you will not need any app.

Apple has kept this feature inside Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Let us now tell you how you can use it and what are its benefits.

If your iPhone is running on iOS 15, then open Camera. Now focus the camera on the image whose text you want to copy from the document.

The yellow viewfinder will appear in the camera interface which will detect the text written in front. As soon as the text is detected, you will see three horizontal lines on the right side of the camera interface.

You have to tap on these three lines, it is called the live text button. Now you can copy and paste direct text from here.

You can send this text from email to notepad or even in a message to anyone. In such a situation, if you have to copy any text from a document on a computer or send it to someone from mobile, then you can do it easily.

This feature is also available for already clicked photos. That is, if there is a poster or any photo in the gallery of your iPhone from where you want to copy the text, then it is also possible.

For this, go to Apple Photos and open the photo. If there is text in the photo, then the icon that you find in the camera interface will also be found here. Here also three horizontal lines will appear on which to tap.

By tapping you will be able to select the text of that photo. Select these, you can paste anywhere normally. It will work just like you did by opening the camera app.

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