Cryptocurrency Price Today: Bitcoin bounces again, know how much has become the price today?

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin has again gained momentum this week. After crossing the level of 50 thousand dollars on Tuesday, today i.e. on Wednesday, this digital currency has crossed 51 thousand dollars. Apart from this, dogecoin and Ethereum also have an upward trend.
Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency, climbed 4 percent to $51,355 today. On Tuesday, it crossed the level of $ 50 thousand after about four weeks.

why is it fast
According to reports from several agencies, due to increased interest from institutional investors, there has been a bullish trend in bitcoin again. Similarly, the price of the second most prominent digital currency Ethereum also increased by 3 percent on Wednesday to reach near $ 3,500. Cardano's price is around $2.22 and dogecoin's price is around $0.24.
Significantly, the month of September has proved to be very bad for cryptocurrencies. But in the first week of October, improvement was seen in them.

65 thousand to 42 thousand dollars journey
In mid-April this year, the price of bitcoin had crossed $65,000. But in September, all major cryptocurrencies including bitcoin fell drastically. In the first week of September, cryptocurrency prices fell by up to 17% in just 24 hours amid protests against bitcoin in El Salvador. The price reached $ 46,434.

China banned bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, due to which the price of bitcoin fell more than 4 percent on September 24 and reached $ 42,378 only after this announcement. Similarly, the price of Ether, the world's second-largest cryptocurrency, fell by 8 percent and XRP by 7 percent.

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