The Google TV app will allow you to use your mobile as a remote control

The Google TV app for Android will turn your smartphone into a remote control, but this feature is not yet operational at this time.

The American giant Google is focusing many of its efforts on improving the Google TV application and after knowing that it will include a "basic" mode to eliminate the smart functions of its televisions, now we have known that it will integrate functionality that will allow us to use our mobile terminal as a remote control.

The Android TV remote control will be integrated into the Google TV app
As they have discovered in 9to5Google, the Google TV application for Android has just received an update that includes a remote control function that, apparently, will replace the current Android TV remote control app.

For years, many users have been using the Android TV remote control application to control devices such as televisions or TV Box, which has not been updated since, nothing more and nothing less than, April 2017.

Recently, the Google TV application for Android terminals has just received an update to version 4.25 and inside it has been found indications of a system to pair our terminal with a compatible device.

In the tests carried out, it has been possible to enable the pairing process on a smartphone, but the application does not find any device to connect to either via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, something that seems to indicate that this new version of the application is not yet fully functional.

From what we know so far, the Google TV application will connect to other devices with the Google operating system for televisions via Bluetooth or Wifi, just as the original Android TV app did. But this new remote control will be easier to use because we will no longer need a second application to control our television or TV Box.

As we can see, this new software for televisions is a bet for the future for the Mountain View-based company, since it plans to bring it to many more devices in the coming years, after launching it on the new Chromecast with Google TV.

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