Airtel will invest 5 thousand crores in the data center business

Telecom sector giant Bharti Airtel will invest Rs 5 thousand crores in its new business of data center. This investment will be made over the next three to four years, which will increase the capacity of the company's data center by three times. Apart from this, Airtel will also increase the capacity of the data center through Nxtra. Nxtra is a division of Airtel whose main focus is on the data center business. Airtel believes that in the coming four years, the business of the data center will be $ 4 billion i.e. about 29.7 thousand crore rupees. Nxtra currently operates 10 large and 120 edge data centers across the country.

The company says that there is a plan to increase the data center business to meet the needs of the fast-growing digital economy of the country. The giant telecom company will invest Rs 5 thousand crores by the year 2025 and under this new data center parks will also be started in major metro cities of the country. With this investment, the capacity of Nxtra by Airtel will exceed 400 MW.

Not only India, but the company will also fulfill the demand of neighboring countries

Through this proposed investment of Airtel, 7 new hyperscale data center campuses will also be ready. With the expansion of the company's capacity, not only will the growing demand of the Indian market be met, but it will also meet the demand of many neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal. According to Airtel, cloud adoption, a growing economy, and increasing use of the internet, government policies, and 5G technology are the major factors driving the demand for data centers.

India can become a data hub in the coming years

According to Ajay Chitkara, Director and CEO, Airtel Business, India can become a data hub in the coming years and work can be found in India from SAARC countries, that is, workload from SAARC countries can move towards India. Data centers consume a lot of energy, due to which Airtel believes that smaller Asian countries can shift workloads towards India. Airtel already has customers from other Asian countries. Airtel is planning to run 50 percent of its units on green power to minimize carbon emissions.

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