Henry Cavill, Kate Winslet, Chris Pratt ... the highest paid stars of the series

Each episode of The Witcher earns Henry Cavill $ 400,000. But that's nothing compared to the salary of Robert Downey Jr ...

A few days ago, Variety unveiled the top highest-paid actors in Hollywood, explaining that the streaming platforms were willing to shell out a lot of money to have popular comedians in their films. Daniel Craig is thus at the top of the ranking for his $ 100 million affected for the two suites of A Knives Out for Netflix. Now, the same site reveals the fees touched in 2020 by all-Hollywood to play in TV series, and there too, it is sometimes the jackpot.

Without establishing a top, strictly speaking, the site explains that a comedian such as Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) earns $ 400,000 for each episode of The Witcher, also on Netflix. An amount also won by John Goodman for The Conners (ABC), Jude Law for The Third Day (HBO), David Harbor for Stranger Things (Netflix), or Jason Sudeikis for Ted Lasso (Apple TV +). Angela Bassett earns a little more (around 450,000 greenbacks) per episode of 9-1-1 (Fox) and Kate Winslet climbs to 650,000 for Mare of Easttown (HBO). 

The return of the heroines of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis, in And Just Like That ... also costs the same amount to the chain. A cut above, Bryan Cranston hit $ 750,000 for Your Honor (Showtime). A million marks were crossed by Jeff Bridges, who won exactly that amount for The Old Man (FX), and Chris Pratt, who exceeded him with 1.4 million for Terminal List. This Amazon Prime series is not however the record of 2021, HBO has spent around 2 million to engage Robert Downey Jr. in The Sympathizer.

Variety points out that series budgets are more difficult to know since the rise of streaming platforms unless they decide to communicate about it openly. Contracts are often signed for several seasons at once, which can "lock-in" actors at a certain salary if they have not requested a bonus on success. The article also stipulates that big studios such as Marvel, which are developing film and television projects on Disney Plus in parallel, include a clause which asks the stars, by signing for a film, to agree to be able to appear by the continuation in a derivative series (or conversely, the TV first, then the big screen). This type of contract can then be very lucrative for the personalities in question while ensuring the studio keeps the same character in different works.

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