How much did Black Widow film cost and how much will it have to collect to generate profit for Marvel Studios and Disney?

How much did Black Widow cost and how much will it have to collect to generate Marvel Studios and Disney profit? Now that the film with Scarlett Johansson has hit theaters, let's try to understand how it will have to behave at the global box office.

Black Widow's production budget is reportedly hovering around $ 200 million, similar to several MCU Phase 3 films such as Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 but far less than the film for which it represents. a sort of sequel/spin-off, namely 'Captain America: Civil War (cost $ 230 million, due to its Avengers film-style ensemble cast). However, this roughly $ 200 million budget for Black Widow doesn't take marketing costs into account.

Following the general rule of thumb for identifying a movie's break-even point (i.e., even if it were a mathematical formula, production budget multiplied by two), Black Widow should be able to collect around $ 400 million worldwide to recover the money spent. for its realization. However, in this case, the marketing costs have soared due to the numerous delays caused by the pandemic, and among these costs must also be added the huge figures spent on advertising space during the Super Bowl. 

Of course, it's impossible to tell exactly how much money Disney has spent advertising Black Widow, but it makes sense to assume that the costs are much higher than average considering that, essentially, the major has had to put together several advertising campaigns in the span of a year and a half. So to keep ourselves wide, let's consider a rounder $ 500 million milestones for Black Widow. What are your chances of reaching that figure or hopefully surpassing it?

Fast & Furious 9, the only yardstick for the Marvel film given the popularity of the Vin Diesel saga, currently has reached a total of $ 500.5 million worldwide: as analysts predicted Black Widow will comfortably earn more than Fast & Furious 9, the Marvel Studios movie will probably have no problem hitting the $ 500 million mark. 

While Black Widow got off to a great start in Italy, it will be interesting to see how he performs on his first weekend in North America. As reported by The Wrap in these hours, the Marvel film with Scarlett Johansson has grossed 13.2 million dollars only at the box office premieres on Thursday 8 July, starting at 17:00: from today it will be released on more than 4,100 screens, including 375 auditoriums. Imax, 800 premium large format screens, 1,500 3-D locations and 275 special D-Box / 4D / ScreenX screens. 

Another fact to keep in mind will then be the release of the film on the Disney + on-demand streaming service via VIP access for $ 29.99 / euro, money that Disney in this case will not have to share with cinemas. For that too, Disney plans a 75 million dollar three-day weekend, while trackers are expecting an even more positive $ 80 million debut.

As always, we will also keep you constantly updated on this important side of the film industry.

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