'Saina' Movie Review: inspired by the daughter of the country

Movie Title: 'Saina'

Artists: Parineeti Chopra, Meghna Malik, Naisha Kaur Bhatoe, Manav Kaul, Ishaan Naqvi, Shubharajyoti Barat

Director: Amol Gupte

Duration: two hours 14 minutes

Shining stars attract everyone in the world of sports. However, behind this is their hard work and long struggle which is often not seen. Olympic winner Saina Nehwal, the talented child of Usha Rani and Harvir Singh Nehwal, who hails from Hisar, became the first Indian woman player to achieve the number one ranking in badminton in 2015. Prakash Padukone has been number one in the male category. The film is based on his life.

Movie Story

The journey of Saina (Parineeti Chopra), who belongs to a middle-class family in the film, begins with her becoming number one. In the press conference, the story goes through flashbacks in order of question and answer. Saina's father (Shubhrajyoti Barat) and mother Usha (Meghna Malik), who were transferred to Hyderabad, have been district-level badminton players. The mother's dream is to see the daughter playing for the country. This is the reason that when Saina comes in second in the national rankings in the Under-12, her mother slaps her. Shocked by this slap, Saina consoles her father, explaining why victory is important for his mother. She plays with jijan. 

Her coach also contributes to improving his talent. Her mother stands as a rock in her success-failure. A period comes when the injured Saina has to stay away from the badminton court for months and is frustrated due to differences with the coach. When the news of her sunset is coming in the game, Her mother says do not let doubt make you home in your mind. You are a lioness. Saina Nehwal is your name. Many such dialogues written by Amitosh Nagpal are effective.

Usually, the films made on the lives of the players reflect their struggles and subsequent success. Here too, Saina's ups and downs, differences with the coach, and her love story are depicted strictly. Director Amol Gupte has kept away from controversies. He did not mention his rivalry with PV Sandhu. He has managed to keep up the excitement and thrill over the rivalry between the two players to win on the badminton court with P. Kashyap's Saina's love story. In this, he is fully supported by the music of music composer Amal Malik. 

Why should I become Parinda ... The song awakens. Parents' sacrifices and troubles to become a player also do not exaggerate, but they touch the heart. Saina, who is trying to distance herself from her boyfriend to focus on sports, says that no one asks Sachin why he got married at the age of 22 as he is a mail player. The question raised about the marriage of a female sportsman is vexing. It needs to be considered.

Movie Cast

Talking about the cast, Parineeti Chopra has imbibed Saina's energy, passion, Umang, and jeejivisha. She has worked hard to become Saina. She stares at the screen. Bhatoye, a ten-year-old Mumbai-based heroine who played her childhood, is actually a badminton player. She is ranked third in singles in the country. You are stunned by her play and acting on screen. Similarly, Ishaan Naqvi, who plays Saina's lover, is also a former international badminton player. He is the one who has given training to Badminton to Parineeti. 

He has been awarded Maharashtra's highest sporting honor Shiva Chhatrapati Award. The work of Meghna Malik, who plays the mother, is notable. She has expressed the urge to pursue Saina and the joy of her victory in the best possible way. Manav Kaul, who looks soft-tempered in the role of a coach, also impresses. Away from controversies, Saina's life has been transparent. This journey of his inspires.

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