'Mumbai Saga' Movie Review

  • Movie Title: Mumbai Saga 
  • Producers: Bhushan Kumar, Anuradha Gupta, Sangeeta Ahir, Kishan Kumar
  • Director: Sanjay Gupta
  • Artists: Jan Abraham, Emraan Hashmi, Sunil Shetty, Kajal Aggarwal, Rohit Roy, Anjana Sukhani, Mahesh Manjrekar, Prateek Babbar, and others.
  • Duration: 2 hours 7 minutes

In the eighties and nineties, there was an extreme battle between some gangster groups in Mumbai, which had political parties. In this decade, the Gawli gang, Amar, and Ashwin gang were dominated in Mumbai. Filmmaker Sanjay Gupta has put some of the true events of this period and the turbulent Mumbai of that period in his film ‘Mumbai Saga’.

Movie Story

The story of the film ‘Mumbai Saga’ begins in the eighties. Gaitonde (Amol Gupte) goons collect hafta from those selling bhaji in a bhaji market. Those who refuse to give a week, fight with him. One day Arjun is sitting at the vegetable shop, he refuses to give weeks, then the goons of Gaitonde lays him on the railway tracks to kill him. Seema (Kajal Aggarwal) reports this to Arjuna's brother Amatrya Rao (Jaun Abraham), Amatriya Rao saves his brother, but now he decides to teach a lesson to Gaitonde's goons. The next day he sits at the vegetable shop himself instead of his father and refuses to give weeks to the goons. 

Then Amatrya Rao beats several goons, cutting off the hands of one. At the behest of Gaitonde, the police act comes into action and Amartya Rao is jailed, where Gaitonde's pet goons fight Amatrya Rao. It is here in the jail that Amatrya Rao meets Nari Khan (Gulshan Grover) associated with the business of dogs. On the second day, Amartya Rao gets bail. It is learned that this bail has been done by Bhau (Mahesh Manjrekar). Bhau is the surveyor of a political party.


Here Amatriya Rao meets Murali Shankar (Sunil Shetty) on the advice of Nari Khan and, following Murali's advice, sets up his gang by capturing Gaitonde's illegal weapons. Amatryrao's gang consists of Baba (Rohit Roy), Sadashiv, Chandu, etc. Now Amatriya Rao gets the blessing of Bhau. Ultimately, Dadar's territory becomes that of Amatriya Rao. With the help of Bhau, Amatriya Rao sends his brother Arjun to a boarding school to study. At the rally in Dussehra, Bhau declares that he has a boy from Dadar. 


Whatever Bhau wants, it happens in Mumbai city. Bhau declares to change the name of the city of Bombay to Mumbai, which the government accepts. Here, due to Amatriya Rao, Gaitonde leaves Dadar and makes his dominance in the Byculla area. When Arjun (Prateik Babbar) comes back after completing his studies, Amatriya Rao gets him married to a girl of his choice and sends him to London forever.


Suddenly, Sunil Khaitan (Sameer Soni) decides to sell Khaitan Mill, which Gaitonde is helping. Sunil Khaitan's father refuses to sell the mill, but he dies a mysterious death in a few days. Gaitonde takes the responsibility of making the workers of Khaitan Mill homeless from their homes. Bhau calls Amatriya Rao and says that he does not like the loss of mill workers. He wants to get the votes of mill workers. 


Amatriya Rao first explains to Sunil Khaitan, then kills Sunil Khaitan. Meanwhile, Arjun returns from London. Angry over Sunil's murder, Arjun unsuccessfully conducts a deadly attack. On the other hand, Sunil Khaitan's wife goes to the Mumbai Police Commissioner's office and tells him that she will give ten crore rupees to the police officer, who will behead Amartya Rao, the killer of her husband.


Now Police Inspector Vijay Savarkar (Emraan Hashmi) falls behind to eliminate Amatriya Rao. He catches Sadashiva and fires five people of the Amartya Rao gang after getting information. Arjun kills Sadashiv (Vivaan Parashar), who gives distinction to the police, in front of Baba. Amrita Rao is also annoyed by this. Bhau asks Amatriya Rao to leave the country for a few days. Here, the head of the gang says Bhau to make Arjun. Amartya Rao goes to London Nari Khan with his wife Seema. Police Inspector Vijay Savarkar is not silent. Arjun gets caught in Vijay Savarkar's tricks and Vijay's bullet gets injured and reaches the hospital. 


Amartya Rao comes back to Mumbai despite Bhau refusing to receive news about Arjun. Many developments change rapidly. Amartya Rao comes to know that Police Inspector Vijay Savarkar takes a salary from the government, but he works only at the behest of Bhau. Amartya Rao meets Bhau and tells this. Bhau says that Inspector Vijay will not come in the way of sending Arjun abroad for treatment. Then many developments change rapidly. Arjun is seated in his special airplane and takes Nari Khan, but in front of his eyes, Vijay fries Amatrya Rao with bullets. After that Bhau makes Baba the don of Mumbai.


Actors Performance

Jan Abraham's acting is good, but he could not give anything new in this film. He is seen repeating himself in many scenes. He is good in action sequences, but in emotional scenes, he is not frozen. Emraan Hashmi has given excellent performance in the role of encounter specialist Vijay Savarkar. Mahesh Manjrekar's performance in Bhau's character is superb. Prateik Babbar in the role of Arjun has again disappointed badly. 


There is no emotion on his flat face. The talent of Sunil Shetty and Gulshan Grover has gone. Why Gulshan Grover agreed to play the role of the extremely insignificant Nari Khan in this film is beyond comprehension. Kajal Aggarwal, Rohit Shetty, Rajendra Gupta, Anjana Sukhani had nothing special to do. Amol Gupte also leaves his mark in the character of Gaitonde.


Writing and Direction

Sanjay Gupta has expertise in working on the underworld and gangster stories. There is no newness in the story, it is a typical gangster film. This film is about the identity of Sanjay Gupta. From Sanjay Gupta's film, it emerges that the underworld and the police department are puppets of politicians. Self-seeing Bhau's character The image of Balasaheb Thackeray emerges. Sanjay Gupta has presented Mumbai of the eighties and nineties in the right way. But there is no emotion in it. It is only a raid. Whereas life does not go without emotion. Apart from this, the weak link of this film has characters like Murali and Nari Khan. It seems like the filmmaker has forcibly added these characters. 


There are many other flaws at the level of the script. In the eighties, a hero used to fight alone with twenty goons, this thing was liked by the audience then, but this thing does not come from the neck of the present new generation. This is also the biggest weak link of this film. Nevertheless, the action-loving audience will like this film. After the interval, the film has slipped from the director's hand. Even in forging the climax, he has been defeated badly. After the interval, the film needed to be tightened on the editing table. I wish that instead of spending money on sets etc. Sanjay Gupta would have worked hard in writing and directing.


The story is from the eighties and nineties. Yo-Yo Honey Singh's rap song does not fit well on this surface.


Even on a technical level, the film is quite weak. The work of a cameraman is also useless.

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