'Mumbai Saga' Movie Day 2 Box Office Collection: John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi showed full power

Mumbai Saga Day 2 Box Office Collection: Bollywood film stars John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi starrer The recent release of the film Mumbai Saga is not able to attract viewers despite being a good review and mass entertainer. The impact of fear of the Coronavirus is fully visible in the film's business. The film has also slowed down on the silver screen on the second day. Rather than Friday, the film has recorded a drop in its earnings. Which can prove difficult for this film in the coming days.

On the first day, the film earned Rs 2.82 crore on Friday. On the second day, the film grossed only Rs 2.40 crore on Saturday. These figures of the film are seen to complicate the journey ahead. So far, the film has grossed a total of Rs 5.22 crore from the silver screen. After this, it is difficult to say that this film will be able to earn 10 crores rupees on the first weekend. You can see the latest figures for the film's earnings here.

Needed so many crores to be a hit

If media reports are to be believed, the John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi starrer will have to earn at least over Rs 60 crore for the film to be a hit. It cost an estimated Rs 50 crore to make this film. The film's producers have sold digital rights to Amazon Prime Video and satellite rights to Sony Max. Despite this, the film will have to achieve 60 crores rupees to achieve the status of a hit. The film has been released on 2000 screens across the country. Despite this, the film has suffered due to strict instructions from Covid-19. The film was expected to earn the most from the Mumbai circuit. Where gangster drama films have a lot of crazes. On which the increasing cases of corona have turned the water.

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