Andy Serkis on the plans of the sequel to 'Venom 2' movie and the arrival of the first trailer

Filming for 'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' movie has been over for some time now, And as post-production work continues. some are wondering when we can finally get our eyes on the trailer for the film.

"I'm very excited about the project. Again, it's not something I can talk about in detail because we're saving it for when everyone can enjoy it in the movies," explained director Andy Serkis in a recent interview with . "I don't want to reveal too much before then, but it was a real pleasure working on this movie. It was fantastic. I worked with a group of incredible actors, led by another passionate SAS man, Tom Hardy. I hope you are not left disappointed... It was a real pleasure working on it. "

Speaking specifically of the arrival of the first trailer, Serkis did not want to unbutton. "I think this is the question that comes to me more than any other, 'when does the Venom trailer come out?'" He said laughing, without revealing a single one. a little hint as to when the first look at the movie will arrive. It is currently set for June 25, 2021, so everything will depend on a possible postponement.

Tom Hardy wanted to make a movie for his son: "So I rip my head off to bite."

Therefore, it was precisely the insistence of little Louis Thomas Hardy to convince Tom to accept the role of Eddie Brock in the first independent film focused on the famous nemesis of Spider-Man. But in reality, it is a film suitable for a child that, at the time of the film's theatrical release, as he only 10 years old?

To answer our question, Tom Hardy himself thinks, "I wanted to do something that my son could see. So I made a movie where I bite my head," in fact, the actor joked a while ago. Let's hope, however, that little Louis Thomas enjoyed the movie more than many fans critical of its success!

on the other hand, Hardy's son was fundamental to the actor's preparation. our Tom knew very little about the character he was called to play and, in order not to arrive unprepared for the appointment. he asked Louis Thomas to instruct him. have to. For more information, in the meantime, here's our Venom discussion.

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