Zombie Reddy Telugu Movie Review

Title: Zombie Reddy

Genre: Zombie

Cast: Teja Sajja, Anandi, Daksha Nagarkar, Prithvi Raj, Getap Sreenu, Annapoornamma, Kiriti, Hariteja, Raghubabu

Director: Prashant Verma

Producer: Rajasekhar Verma

Music: Mark K. Robin

Release Date: 5 February 2021

Teja Sajja has appeared as a child actor in many movies including megastar Chiranjeevi 'Indra'. He played a role in Samantha 'O Baby' and is making his entry as a hero with the movie 'Zombie Reddy'. If he had chosen a story in the zombie genre and was ready to experiment with the first film, he would have to appreciate the courage of his heart. Young director Prashant Verma, who impressed the Telugu audience with his experimental films like A and Kalki, brought the zombies to the forefront of the Telugu audience by giving them a commercial touch. Did zombies scare people? Was this experiment successful? Does this concept impress the Telugu audience? Or not? You should read this review to find the answer to those questions.


The story begins with a scene where Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces a lockdown. However, game designer and hero Teja Sajja, who does not care much about the lockdown, joins his gang .. Daksha Nagarkar, Kiriti, and his friend RJ Hemanth's wedding in Rayalaseema. On this journey, they encounter an unexpected event. But the hero gang did not understand then that it would change not only their lives but also theirs. But after they go to the wedding the 'crown' in the gang turns into a zombie. He's not the only one, everyone in the village turns into zombies. And were these five able to make them ordinary people back in that village? Or have they even turned into zombies? At least the survivors got out of there? That's what you need to see in theaters!

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Zombie is a genre that has never been touched by any director in Telugu. With this being the first film to come out with that concept, how will the audience receive it? How much do they like it? Is skeptical from the start. But here the director gave a commercial touch to this horror film and tried to adapt the story to the Telugu Nativity and tie the audience to the seat. Overdid not touch the vulgar comedy. The use of corona jokes is remarkable.

Zombies will no longer appear as soon as the movie starts. Something seemed to be stretching a part of the song over the corona. Prashant Verma then slowly introduces the zombies. Giving the kick a twist in the interval shows the anxious viewer what's next. Getup Srinu's comedy laughs well at the beginning of the second half. The comedy scenes between him and Annapoornamma were well done. The director then immersed the audience in the film by giving a shock treatment to the audience with twists upon twists till the end. But the climax‌ logic‌ may not be to everyone's liking.

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How is it...

On the whole, Prashant Verma sharpened his distinctiveness and showed the zombies horribly on the silver screen. Zombie makeup, gait, and attack are all in the Hollywood range. The action episodes of fighting zombies are the highlight of this movie. The visuals and the making all fit perfectly. Background music is on another level. Some are good when it comes to songs, others are okay. But after the movie is over everyone talks about the second half. The first half had to be taken in the same range. But the director did not seem to care much about Fastoff. It would have been more interesting if the first part had been written in two or three key scenes without being a bit windy. Zombie Reddy is booming if you focus too much on the article. The film went on to become a hit with a boost given by Secondoff, although Fastoff was a bit lackluster. 


And the word that the film will change his career is likely to come true literally. He is to be commended for his excellent performance in Zombie Reddy. His supporting characters also performed well and did justice to the characters. Just as the on-screen cast impressed the audience with their best, the technical team also took The Best to the next level. Overall, the audience can enjoy this new experience of Zambireddy with the family. Zambireddy is a must-watch movie.

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