'Salaar' Music Director Confirms that Movie was Remake of Kannada blockbuster 'Ugramm'

'KGF' director Prashant Neil has announced that Prabhas will be the hero in the movie. Even after that, the film started without taking much time. The film has already completed one schedule... It is going to go into the second schedule. Preparations are also underway to release the film for the upcoming Sankranthi.

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However, there is a lot of publicity going on about the storyline of this film from time to time. Earlier, it was reported that the film was a remake of Prashant's debut film 'Ugramm'. The rumor went strong. However, in a recent interview, Prashant said that ‘Salaar’ is not a remake of any film. It is a story made just for Prabhas. All thought that the remake rumor would end with all that. But now a new twist has taken place.

Ravi Basrar, who has made a name for himself as a music director with 'KGF' and has been selected as the music director for 'Salaar', said in an interview that 'Salaar' is a remake of 'Ugramm'. When asked in an interview on a YouTube channel whether the film is a remake of 'Ugramm', Ravi said, "it is everyone knows right?" Speaking as a sequel, he said, "So we have to see how he (Prabhas) does this movie."

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With Ravi casually saying that 'Salaar' is a remake of 'Ugramm', the question arises as to why Prashant said so. ‘Salaar’ will also be released in Kannada. Still unaware that it is a remake of 'Ugramm'? It is questionable how the Kannada audience will receive the same movie if they see Prabhas as the hero again. Doubts are being raised as to whether the film will be made on a large scale by taking the 'Ugramm' plot and adapting it to Prabhas' image.

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