Netflix Originals's 'Pitta Kathalu' Telugu Anthology Film Review

Movie: ‘Pitta Kathalu’;

Cast: Jagapathi babu, Amala Paul, Shruti Hassan, Manchu Lakshmi, Satyadev, Avsarala Srinivas, Isha Rebba

Directors: Tarun Bhaskar - Nandini Reddy - Nag Ashwin - Sankalp Reddy

OTT: Netflix

Release: February 19

The method of web anthologies which increased after the advent of OTT platforms has now also entered Telugu. Last year, OTTs released 'Putham Pudhu Kaalai', and this year 'Paava Kadhaigal' were released in Tamil. Last year alone, there were attempts like 'Metro Kathalu' in Telugu. Now the web anthology 'Pitta kathalu' has been released in Telugu for the first time by the international Netflix company as their original film.

Popular directors Tarun Bhaskar, Nandini Reddy, Nag Ashwin, and Sankalp Reddy created this 'pitta kathalu'. Stories of people around us, pains in their minds, love, fraud, affiliations, illicit relationships - so many of these stories bring to the screen. In addition to the complexity of gender relations, they also discuss the power equation between them. 

Story of 'Ramula'

‘Ramula’ is a story of a Tik Tok girl (Shanvi Meghna) with a rural background, written, directed, and screenplay by Tarun Bhaskar. This girl is loved by fellow Tik Tok 'boy' (Naveen Kumar). But, when the boy was getting ready to marry another girl for the parents, what did Ramula do? This story shows how Swarupakka (Manchu Lakshmi), the president of the Mahila Mandali, used the difficulty of a girl. With natural acting, it seems to be looking at life with dialogues in the same dialect, in a Telangana setting. The climax is heartbreaking.

Story of 'Mira':

‘Meera’ created by ‘O Baby' Fame Nandinireddy’ - The story of a beautiful wife (Amala Paul) who endures the physical abuse of a suspicious husband (Jagapathi Babu). It remains to be seen on screen how much the author Meera endured that violence and what she finally did. Lakshmi Bhopal's words make you think in some scenes.

Jagapathi babu's acting talent has once again come out in some scenes where he is suffering from depression. Amala Paul also played her role competently. Familiar actors like Vamsi Chaganti, Kiriti Damaraju, Pragati as well as production values ​​are good. In addition to the hot scenes, this is a movie with hot topics. we need to watch second time for understood The twists, the behavior of the key character.

Story of 'X Life'

‘X Life’ is a sci-fi story by ‘Mahanati’ fame Nag Ashwin. The story told by director Krish's voice-over is showing the future. Vikram Ramaswamy alias Vick (Singer Sanjith Hegde), who considers all human beings in the world as data points. He runs X-Life, the world's most advanced virtual reality company. It is a world of magic that believes in technology that kills love in human beings. Vick falls in love with Divya (Shruti Hassan), a girl who works in the kitchen there. This story is what happened next. The story complicates the teaching of the philosophy that happiness is the life of love rather than the big lies of the technology world.

Story of ‘Pinky’

‘Pinky’ is a story created by Sankalp Reddy, who made films like ‘Ghazi’ and ‘Space’. It tells the story of a changed relationship between two families (Satyadev - Isha Rebba, Avsarala Srinivas - Ashima Narwal). One who yearns for love, another who wants to get rid of old memories ... Four characters appear with different emotions like this. It is a story that ends incompletely without showing the sequence of those appendages and finally their consequence in full. This is a story that is a little more unsatisfactory in this anthology.

This pitta kathalu revolves mainly around female characters and features the acting angle of the stars of the well-known commercial films. in the music, Vivek Sagar, Mickey J. Meyer, Prashant K. Rambler served as the leading technical experts. Also, there are popular technicians in photography and artwork. production values ​​are plentiful. However, all these stories made by new directors have love-making scenes. Obscene words are also heard. watching on a smartphone, may not be a problem. But, it’s hard to see together with family. In this anthology from ‘Netflix’, it is a minor dissatisfaction that all four stories are not on the same level.


  • Stories in society
  • Popular‌ Talents of directors and actors
  • Production values


  • Hot ‌ scenes
  • Some unsatisfactory stories

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