Natural Star Nani's film 'Tuck Jagadish' Teaser has been Released

After the blockbuster film 'Ninnukori', the movie 'Tuck Jagdish' is being released in the combination of hero Nani and director Shiva Nirvana. The film stars Ritu Verma and Aishwarya Rajesh as the heroines. Nani's birthday on the 24th of this month. On this occasion, a day ago, the teaser of the movie 'Tuck Jagdish' starring Nani was released. Unlike all teasers, this one is very freshly cut by the director and producers. Usually, in any teaser, we assume dialogues and comedy but only one song in it. so that the whole story could be understood with the song without a single dialogue.

However, Nani was disappointed with the movie 'V' in Lockdown. With this, this time he is coming forward with the family entertainer 'Tuck Jagdish'. More than this time he is saying that full meals are a must for his fans. Nani is also making a commercial film after a long time. And we have to see how the natural star impresses with this 'Tuck Jagdish'. And to what extent does this film impress the audience and lead Nani to success? Or not? Must see.


Sahu Garapati and Harish Paddy are producing the film on Shine Screens. Taman‌ is providing the music. Tuck Jagdish, which has already completed shooting, is set to release in theaters on April 23. Meanwhile, Nani, on the other hand, is doing a Shyam Singaraya film. It stars Sai Pallavi and Krithishetti (‘Uppena’ fame) as the heroines.

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