Work started on 'Adipurush', The film will Feature superb VFX Technology

Producer-director Om Raut's film Adipurush has been in the news for quite some time. The film is based on the Ramayana. The film Adipurush will feature South cinema star Prabhas and Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan in the lead roles. In the film, Ram is portrayed as Prabhas while Ravan will be played by Saif Ali Khan.

Meanwhile, Adipurus director Om Raut has started work on the VFX associated with this film. He himself has given information about this on social media. While sharing his picture on his official Twitter account, Om Raut wrote, 'Motion capture started'. According to the news of the English website Times of India, the film Adipurush Test shooting has started on 19 January.

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According to the news, such techniques will be used in this film which is commonly used in international cinema. VFX will be used well in the film. This VFX will be such that the audience has not yet seen it in any Indian film. At present, the shooting of the film Adipurush will be in closed studios so that full practice can be done before the actual shooting.

At the same time, the actual shooting of the film Adipurush will start in February, but Saif Ali Khan will participate in the shooting of the film after March. Kareena Kapoor is pregnant and is about to give birth to her second child soon. Due to which Saif Ali Khan will start shooting for the film Adipurush in March. Recently, while narrating about this, director Om had said, 'Saif Ali Khan and Prabhas have been preparing the film for the last three-four months. 

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My team is on the verge of starting shooting for the film. The final schedule of the film's preparations is going on. From where I am watching, Saif Ali Khan is about to become a father. So he is on leave and will start shooting in March. This is an amazing story. We will complete the shooting of the film in August.

Earlier, Saif Ali Khan sparked a controversy when he said that the film would attempt to justify Sita's kidnapping. He had said, 'It is interesting to be a demon king but we will try to humanize him. We will try to justify Sita's abduction and war with Prabhu Ram. ' However, Saif Ali Khan later apologized for this controversial statement.

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