Vijay 'Master' Movie Boxoffice Collections Crossed Rs 200 Crore Mark

The box office has been shaken by the arrival of Vijay Cinema in Tamil Nadu for some years. His films are making huge profits regardless of the talk. There was no such thing as a great talk for a Mersail movie. It's like a rehearsal of a commercial movie you've seen many times. The film grossed over Rs 200 crore and was a surprise. 

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'Sarkaar' also had huge openings. Finally, the 'Bigil' movie that came out of him was also a routine movie but was a success at the box office. Now the most unfavorable conditions are at the box office, and the rewards of his new film Master, which was released at this time, are astonishing. According to trade pundits, the film has grossed over Rs 200 crore worldwide.

In Tamil Nadu alone, 'Master' has already crossed the Rs 100 crore mark. In the Telugu states, the gross came to Rs 20 crore. In Malayalam, Vijay movies are played in the same way as in Tamil Nadu. Grass came in heavily there. The film is also in full swing in Karnataka. The master dubbed version was also released on a large scale in the north. 

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It was the biggest release abroad after the Corona break. There were good openings everywhere regardless of the talk. It is not uncommon for a regional film to gross Rs 200 crore, which brought Divide Talk while theaters were running with 50 percent occupancy. This is the latest example of how Vijay has grown into a big star hero. What if there was a positive talk for this movie?

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