The White Tiger Review: Great film on a great novel, Priyanka Chopra, Adarsh ​​Gaurav and Rajkummar Rao

Rich-poor film is not a formula but a reality. The White Tiger based on the famous novel by Arvind Adiga should be seen by those who do politics of India and India. There are heaps of sympathy and schemes for the poor on paper. But the film says that the truth is something else. There are only two ways for the poor to come up, crime or politics.

The White Tiger Review: The famous poet Allama Iqbal has said that from the moment you start understanding the beauty of the world, you will be free. In this free democracy, where being a poor person is the biggest sin, how can a poor person feel the beauty of the world? In a democracy where the differences between owner-servant and rich-poor are taught and taught from the beginning, it is not known when people learn how to live like hens locked in corpses. 

The hens see that the butcher is lifting someone in the middle of them, cutting the neck, touching the wings, yet they do not lift the head. The young protagonist of the film, Balaram Halwai aka Munna (Adarsh ​​Gaurav), says that it is difficult to get liberation in this country. But still, he sees half-true, half-raw dreams of his liberation. He is a resident of the same village of Sasaram in Bihar, through whose path Lord Buddha reached Gaya and got rid of the cycle of life and death.

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The White Tiger, released on Netflix, is a film adaptation of Arvind Adiga's English novel of the same name, which became popular in the country and world in 2008. Ramin Bahrani has written and directed it for the screen. It is not easy to put the book on screen, but Ramin has been very successful here. Certainly, in this, he has got tremendous support from all the three main actors. Especially the ideal pride is dominated from beginning to end. He is immersed in his character with gestures. Priyanka Chopra makes an impact in her limited role and Rajkummar Rao works with talent. The camera has also done its job well.

The film talks about backward India, which has been living to run at par with the pace of India. The road to success is a jungle and a good driver has to roar to get ahead. Munna runs and roars here too. He does everything to get rid of that lifeless life, in which he has to hide his name and religion to become a servant of the rich. He is a white tiger born once in generations to break the cages of poverty, powerlessness, humiliation, and slavery that have been going on for centuries. It is a different matter that the stains of the past do not disappear easily.

The story is of Balram Halwai, who becomes the car driver of Ashok (Rajkumar Rao), the US return son of the village zamindar. Ashok's Indian-American wife Pinky (Priyanka) has also come with him. This is the beginning of the new century, in which Ashok wants to go to Bangalore and gain a foothold in the outsourcing business.

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Ashok and Pinky look at Balaram from a zamindar family from a different human perspective. But the story takes a turn when, on her birthday, Pinky blows a girl on a dark and deserted road while driving a drunk. The landlord-family gets Balaram to write on stamp paper that he has done this accident. Then Balaram realizes that the rich do not give anything for free. They also have selfishness behind the equal seating. Slowly, the feelings born in the story go on blood-stained. Balaram reaches the conclusion that there are only two ways for the poor to come up, crime or politics.

Two hours and 16 minutes of The White Tiger also gives the formula of success in the new era. She says that sometimes you are looking for the key while the door is open. This era is not for sentimental people. Balaram says, 'The last step of my success was to think of my own good except for the good of others. But it was not easy. ”In The White Tiger, Balaram tells his own story. Who has risen from poverty to become a successful businessman? Ramin Bahrani has simplified the script. The story starts from the village gradually takes shape like a thriller but does not catch the pace.

The film is an example of intelligent cinema, which brings a different style of style to the traditional theme of rich and poor. The film is successful in showing two parallel pictures of the country. The problem is that no one has the formula to grow on the path of progress by bringing India and India together in opposite directions. Nobody sympathizes with anyone. Selfishness is at the top. Industrialists, rich and politicians have started filling their bags. In such a situation, only the cynical, stubborn and rebellious White Tiger can break his cage. Such people turn the stream of history.

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