Yash Explained How he Has Been living Rocky's character for The Past 4 years

The teaser for the film ' KGF-Chapter 2 ' has been released on Thursday (January 7). The first teaser was planned to release the 35th birthday of the film's lead actor Yash, today (January 8). However, due to the demand of the fellows, it was changed to the last moment and released a day before the birthday of Yash. The teaser of the film is very fond of the fellows. Speaking on the occasion, Yash explained how he has been living rocky's character for the past 4 years.

Rocky's Character has Lived for The past 4 Years

Yash said, "I have been living in this character for the last 4 years (laughs). To be honest, I have lived up to Rocky's character and there are many things related to the character that has come into me on their own. In fact, I didn't need to prepare too much. Chapter 2 has many exciting and challenging sequences. But it is difficult to tell one of them. I will definitely answer this question after the film is released. "

"Rocky's personality in KGF Chapter 1 showed his insistence on overcoming the world and the monster inside him," he said. But this time Rocky's character will be different. Which will have a lot of action and an emotional ride that the audience will love. At the same time, Yash also shared the experience of working with Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon. "In chapter 2, Sanjay and Raveena will also be seen in the lead role besides kudos.

Enjoyed Working with Sanjay-Raveena

"It was a great pleasure to work with both Sanjay Sir and Raveena Maam," Yash said. Sanjay Sir is a great example of what stubbornness and courage you can work with. The professionalism and passion with which he has played his character. He was praised and the way he worked despite his health not being good during the shooting of the film is also inspiring. Raveena Maam has always been a versatile and good actor. He is a lively and very loving person, a different kind of warmth and energy on the set. Working with both was a great experience. "

KGF Chapter 1 Created Several Records

Let us say that the first part of KGF was released in 2018. The names of the film in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi became several records. This was the first Kannada movie that earned more than 250 crores. It was a film dubbed in the fourth Hindi, which earned the highest.

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