Super Over Telugu Movie Review

Movie: ‘Super‌ Over’

Cast: Naveen Chandra, Chandni Chowdhary, Rakendumouli, Praveen

Producer: Sudhir Verma

Directed by: Praveen Verma

 OTT Platform: Aha

Release Date: January 22, 2021

It has to be said that there are no full-fledged movies in Telugu based on cricket betting and hawala. Using both of those themes, how far can a man go for money with a distinctive screenplay? This is the attempt made by the director and producers in the movie 'Super' Over, which has more hawala theme than cricket betting.


Kashi (Naveen Chandra), Madhu (Chandni Chaudhary), Vasu (Rakendu Mouli) - all three are childhood friends. Kashi, who is in financial trouble, starts betting for easy money. The other two friends are justified. Unexpectedly, Kashi wins Rs 1 crore 70 lakh. The three of them go out at night to take the money and take care of the hardships. The actual twists and turns begin just before dawn that night. Bookie Murali (Comedian Praveen), Police S.I. (Ajay), the men who deal in hawala money - this is the rest of the story of the Chasing Thriller with all sorts of characters.

How to do it

The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with all the actors fitting perfectly into the characters. The chemistry between the three friends is well blended. With a serious voice and a bit of a rugged look, Naveen Chandra is good in the role of Kashi who runs this story. With the characterization of Telugammai Chandini, the audience will fall in love with that energy. 

Chandini, who has appeared in hit web movies like 'Mastis' and 'Color Photo', seems to have a bright future. Rakendumouli, the son of the author Vennelakanti, entertains in the role of a comical relief that raises any suspicion in everything. Except for the characters in the film, including comedians Praveen and Ajay, there are no actors anywhere. The director's talent is to write the scenes, the contexts, and the behavior of the characters carefully, as long as possible.

How to take ..:

The strength of this film - the diversity in the screenplay. Such a story, it is difficult to write a silver screen narrative. It is very difficult to take what is written as it is written. The director, Swargiya Praveen Verma, shrugged off the difficulty and made the four of them like it. Praveen Varma was killed in a car accident at the end of the shooting. With that, ‘Swamirara’ Sudhir Varma, who had given him a job as an assistant director, did the post-production. 

The performance of the technical sections is another strength of the film. The film has been shooting at night in Secunderabad, Monda Market, and other places for more than 25 days. In Night Effect, Divakar Mani's camerawork is impressive with aerial shots. The background music for this thriller is like a heart. Sunny continues to give music to this film without a gap. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with little to no limitations.

Editing also made the story move faster. It is a film with a lot of obscene dialogues that are naturally heard in uncensored OTT. The OTT release benefited the film, which had a lot of magic in the story and missed logic in many places. Being a chasing thriller, the audience forgives the cinematic liberty that the director has taken in so many places. Also, the director tolerates the recurrence of a single scene, depending on the context, due to the typical narrative chosen. Leaving aside such things that seem overdone here and there, this storyline feels super‌ as an hour and 20-minute pastime thriller.



The distinctive screenplay, direction
Actors who look natural, their performance
Camerawork, thrilling background music


Missed logicians in the rush of twists
Repeated scenes as part of the screenplay
Things that work for OTT rather than the silver screen

Hint: This is an OK Thriller in OTT‌!

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