Rana Daggubati documentary Mission Frontline released on Discovery Plus

Rana Daggubati is known as a typical actor who makes films with different stories. It is known that he married the girl he loved last year and started a new life. Rana is currently making a series of films after her marriage. Currently, two of his films, Virat Parvam and Aranya, are ready for release. He is now looking forward to shooting a remake of 'Ayyappanum Koshyam' with Pawan Kalyan. On the other hand, apart from movies, he also acted in a documentary.

 It is known that a documentary titled 'Mission Frontline' was made on the Border Security Forces along with 'Discovery Plus' Original. The documentary was created with the idea of ​​bringing the lifestyle of Indian soldiers to the attention of the audience. Rana is impressed with the Army Getup in this documentary titled 'Mission Frontline'. With the help of BSF himself, he completed various training programs and filmed. 

The documentary was released on January 21 on the Disney Plus original. On this occasion, Rana said that being a part of Mission Frontline gave him an invaluable experience. He said it was an unforgettable experience to train there from entering a high-security zone where there were no civilians. He asked to see the Mission Frontline in the original Disney Plus. To this extent, he shared a short video on Twitter.

It is well known that Rana had earlier said that being an Indian Army jawan on the country's borders was not easy. Sharing experiences with Army jawans... Duty with Army jawans can be extremely difficult. 

They have no holidays. No breaks. Not even being able to breathe properly. Constantly vigilant and performing duties. Otherwise, the country itself will be in danger. As part of the duties, there are many activities like daily drills and shooting. I trained hard with the help of those heroes. Traveling with them was a priceless experience. I enjoyed the greatness of India at that time. I feel lucky to have met them. Surely everyone should respect the Indian Army. Said.

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